Thursday, May 29, 2008

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I hate being sick. Its that I choose to be sick , you know. I hate to eat medicine [they taste so horrible, and I dont even expect them to be any sweeter].So even when I went to exam today I had a feeling that I was sick.

Anyways, there is a happy news. Im quite hapy with it. Mom's gonna get a baby, Wow. I used to believe like two kids are just a perfect family, but I guess a lil baby would add much to out lil perfect family. There would be baby chattering, crying at nights and blah blah. Im not yet very ready but still there are a lotta days. [Im just so exited and felling so horrible with sickness that I can't even dare to check what I write, So if it doesn't make sense, Its Ok].

So while we got a break from CPE exam yesterday, me, Pragya and Nsha were talking. Pragya asked Nsha how the exam went and she told OK. Pragya was telling that Maldivians actually say OK for too many things [I wonder whether it is true.O.o].She was telling that when you ask someone how are you feeling, OK, when you ask someone How is the day, OK. OK, OK and OK. So Nsha told her that we can find synonyms of OK and use so that we made plans to say "affirmative"when some one asks something how the exam was![=P]

P.S: For all you science bloggers from CHSE out there, I have a good news for you. The school has built up Room 2 in Mainsite as mainsite canteen, for you guys. If you ask me about the previous canteen, Its sucks. It's a small cubicle which is even smaller than the toilets in the school and most of the time, it'll be out of stock. Congrats on the new canteen though![=P]


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