Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I Wish I

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  • Had a brother. All of you guys who have an older brother, you are so lucky.
  • Lived In Malaysia, so I could go to Jezmine’s shop everyday.
  • Would one day go to Princeton University. I know its too much to ask for, but its a once in a lifetime thing, and I want to make mine bright!
  • Had a pet. I’m too scared to any living thing, but I always wished I had a pet, like a turtle, or even a goldfish. Too bad, I am lazy!
  • Had a HUGE closet. Every girl’s wish, aint it?
  • Was more punctual, more hardworking and more modest.
  • Had a nice crocheted laptop case.
  • Could have more than 24 hours in a day.
  • Was the perfect girl everyone want me to be.
  • Had a gay bestfriend.
  • Had a job.
  • For all of you who are dreamers like me, some wishes come true, others take a longer time. Some will never, so you can wish for more.


  1. nice post... only one thing though Y a gay bestfriend??? :s

  2. @Darkie, thanks.
    Gay best friends are like the coolest people. You know how boys make better friends than girls? and how a gay best friend would never fall for you, but be the best thing that ever happened. xD

    I think I started liking this idea since I first read Bridget Jones Diary, mean girls, ad later in some other movies.

  3. gay best friend? come on.
    and nice cards! :D

  4. @iththi
    tsk tsk. gay bestfriends are the best thing since diet coke. xD
    cards? what cards?

  5. gay best friend sounds cool
    hope you get one, and introduce him to one of the gay guys on twitter! hehe

  6. @mini,
    haha. everyone noticed that dho. LOL
    Oh yeah, I definitely will.


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