Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Tha Harry Potter Phase

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That’s right! I’m going through a major Harry Potter phase, which started with me finding this amazing website called Average Wizards, where people write about how magical their lives are. Mine, not so magical, so I decided to make it magical. I’ve always been a fan of the Harry Potter series even though I hate Danielle Radcliffe. He never impressed me, not even those green eyes in his character,or the scar! NO.
Well, about the phase here are few Harry Potter related things I did to make my life magical.
  • Renamed my FMC folder as Hogwarts. Also, now I study Divination, Transfiguratiion, Arithmency and Muggle studies.
  • Renamed picture folder as Daily prophet, Items as Room Of Requirement, and orientation files as Sorting Hat
  • Also changes the contacts of my phone. FMCSA is now Hufflepuff. xD
  • Write about Harry Potter related statuses both on fb and twitter.
  • Shout harry potter spells in lecture classes. LOL
  • Wear yellow and tell people I’m hufflepuff
  • Asked my good friend Muawwaz to download A very potter musical and it songs.
  • Join harry potter related groups on fb
  • Borrow harry potter books from library
  • Buy New moon and write “Property of Half blood prince” on first page.
  • Read about anti twilight sites  and hate Edward every second.
  • Study hard like Hermione
  • ’Wait for my Ron.
  • I know, that's a lot. I’m actually loving this phase.
    PS, college is hectic. I had two lectures today, and I’m also giving a sorta interview about health O.o to a student. And tomorrow I have another exam. Wish me luck!
    PS2, That's a light in Wood Apple. We go to  that place quite often nowadays.


  1. sometimes i really wonder how old you are? are you 3? or 4?

  2. @Anony
    Sometimes even I think I am 4 year old. Must be a 4 year old stuck in an 18 year old's body!

  3. Good for you girl! Every person needs a harry potter phase every now and then. Now get yourself a wand (preferably with phoenix feather core) and you're all set!!

  4. @xrm,
    hehe. That would be amazing.


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