Saturday, March 13, 2010

Not An RJ Anymore!

This is my first post from my laptop. Daddy was a sweetheart to bring me the W modem, which is like a dream come true. I love love it. I’m sure after writing this post I am gonna be making a list of reasons why I love my W modem. haha.
Oh, and about the title, yes its true. I am no longer an RJ. After I finished my last show Wednesday night i felt so sad. I was also honored to get the chance to host the last ever chocolate show. I loved working at HFM. I still do work there, or at least the 20th, and after that I’m also gonna be jobless. T_T
Thus, I shall try these few days to find a job, because I love working. I know its gonna be hard, but I like keeping myself busy. Plus, I am one hell of a shopper, thus I want to shop all the time. And I ALWAYS wanted to live on what I earn. OK. Maybe that was exaggerating. But I like being independent. OK. That was also a lie, since I am the laziest person I know, and am depending on my parents for everything. hehe. Its complicated. Still, the point being that I must find a job.
Life has been going hectic, with exams, assignments (don't even get me started on this) and hangouts. Yep, my classmates are officially the best classmates ever, and I’m not only saying this because we always go out to eat together. We also have photo shoots, lava baazees, and watch movies in college. And it has only been one month since we met.
Anyhow, I’ll hopefully keep you guys updated regularly now that I can do it easily without Mickie having meddled with my blog posts. That's another story!
PS Gorga went missing. I finally found it today but now I donno whether its Gorga or not. Hah
PS2 Marries woman take longer time to get ready that non married.
PS3 One word of advice get a car +driver /car+ learn to drive/ at least a scooty before you get married
PS4 That’s my laptop which is named Blitzy.

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