Thursday, March 18, 2010

Mid-Sem Trouble


I’m probably gonna have the worst mid sem break ever. For  beginners, I have no job, thus I have to stay home all week long. Bummer. And on top of that, I have an assignment, and a test to learn for. Too bad I wont even be able to do my assignment, and have to cram for the exam since I now don’t even have a room. Yes, folks I no longer have a room. T_T

What happened was suddenly a relative came over for the mid sem  break, and I knew only today when she came. Now since my parents are the nicest people in the whole world, they would give up their own daughters room for the guest. Mehemaandhaary! =/ Whenever anyone comes over to stay, I’ll have to move downstairs, since I have a room mate, a cousin. I’m sure I have told about him already. The good thing is he’ll probably leave soon. I hope. Well its for the best of both of us, he’ll get his dream job, and I’ll not be roomless.

Whatever. I’m already in an emotional state with losing my job, and now I’m losing my room, and having the worst mid-sem break ever. And it hasn’t started yet. Did I also tell you my neighbors now has a pigeon, which loves our home. OMG. I’m not an animal friendly person! >.<

Gosh. At least I'm glad I still have my popsicle making thing. Or I’d go nuts. I’ll probably turn emo.

Ps, that’s not my room. It’s the room we stayed when we went on a school trip to a resort last year.

I hope you guys are enjoying though. Have fun!


  1. awwwhhh! dont let these things bug uuuu!! and i liiike ur parents...i dont like those ppl who just wanna live in their selfish world being selfish!! =D

  2. @Aps,
    I'm trying not to. xD
    And you should totally meet my parents. They love making the tsable for my friends. xD
    Sometimes I like being selfish. I know that sounds cheesy, and rude. But sometimes you just gotta let go of some good manners, cos people don't appreciate them. =)

  3. Chillout... get the usless stress out..then again its not soo useless isit... ok lets switch to a brighter subject ahh popsicles that i like!! kwl so wonder hw u make them... juz put the yummy stuff in a bucket and put it into a fridge??

    As for being selfish yea selfish is goood sometimes but it's kwl that u took it well here... i know i woulnt... :p

  4. @Darkie,
    I bought them at Agora. It's quite the thing. Put any type of drink you like (coke, water, juice, raspberry juice, anything you want) and put it in the fridge. and after some 4 to 5 hours,! ta da. you have popsicels. It's quite a catch! xD


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