Monday, March 29, 2010

A Bit About Classmates


I did a post when I was in CHSE about my classmates, and teachers. This time, I have a completely different set of classmates. YES, I called them as a set. I’m so maths. LOL.

I only study 4 subjects, (I tried getting more, but apparently they don’t offer. I now feel like an average student. ) and with me I have 15 classmates all doing bachelors.We are actually a great class. I’m surprised we get along so well. Last year, in CHSE I underwent rivalry among nerds, it wasn't exactly what I had in mind, so it was a good change.

Enough babble,. straight to my wonderful muggle classmates.

Nash, one of the best people in my class. To tell the truth, Nash and I are the only girls in class who have fun. Others too, but they are rather shy/talk normal. She’s fair, wears glasses, and has the most elegant fashion sense. She wears matching shoes too. xD I knew her since CHSE so we have loads to talk about all the time.

Ainthu is good in studies, and is fun, but talks quite less. She usually walks with me to college, and we always look out fat the creepy fat guy in orange stripes.Tell me about it. LOL

Muru is another classmate whom I knew since CHSE. She’s fun, and we usually talk about Desperate Housewives. She has lovely pooh bear notebooks.

Fareesh is basically the all around good guy, who gets along well with everyone, is intelligent, and looks good. Nash, Fareesh and I usually have lavabaazees, and we talk about Alifulhu, and also about egg cases. LOL

Vicky is the funniest of them all. The good looking playboy who makes fun of everything and sends every one I love you messages. He is rather good at singing songs. I’m sure he makes up half the songs he sings. Previously he had quite a girlish hairstyle, but he changed it to a decent one. I’m guessing it was Nash and I who put him to it. Peer pressure.

Saa is good at studies, talks with everyone and she has the loveliest accent. Also has a great fashion sense.

Zeetha is the oldest girl in our batch, is married, and wears all black, but her dresses are awesome. They are black, but had different color tones. She’s fun, fair and wears glasses.

Mushrif is well, Mushrif. He’s an IT geek who studied science all his life, and is now making his way up the business lane. I feel sympathy for him, but he’s quite good at getting the grip of it. He also has the magic mouse. I am so jealous. Plus, I met him even before we started attending college. OMG. I just remembered where I met him. God, he was talking about that! –_-

Shafa has a great personal style, and is really fun. She and Vicky are from same island so they usually speak in their accent, and I have a hard time understanding.

Mixu lives in the dorm. I feel really sad for her. but she manages it really well. I swear I cant live in a dorm, or I’d starve to death, since I would have to eat grass, cos I’d spend all my allowance on shoes. FML! She’s quite shy and talks very less. But she has a great smile.

Nuxu talks quite less, but you’d always catch he smiling. I should one day ask her how she manages to do that. I love how she dresses. So professional. She looks like she just came out of a page of Economist.

Mueen is really fun, and its fun how he says my name. He’s a police, and usually talks about Economics. Plus, he also drives.

Samyh, to tell the truth I donno much about him, we talk sometimes. He’s fun. makes jokes.

Zabyh.I know him since Ahmadhiyya days. He was quite a mischievous guy, but he turned out fine. I’m surprised he attends all classes. he’s intelligent, and his handy word is “Huvaa”.

Assad, doesn't talk much to us, but whenever he talks, its probably a joke.

Together we make a great class.

And me, oh yeah. I’m the kulafataas girl who wears so much yellow everyone calls me MDP. I also make weird jokes at times which no one understands, and I’m the matchy matchy girl who has way too many bags, and sings “ We all live in a yellow submarine” in Econ class. I'm also the stupid class rep who doesn't do much, but keep writing stuff in my journal,draw dresses and talks about this cute guy I saw in Math class, and gives orders to people to sit in front of me, so that teachers cant see me. I’m also this red bull smuggler who smuggles red bull to boring lecture classes and drinks it when the teacher is not watching. I’m also the talkative girl who talks too much, and jumps up and down whenever I get any exciting news even if I’m standing in the middle of the FMC grounds with all my classmates and various other class students around. Too many words to explain me and my weirdness. I’m sure you wouldn't like to sit in the same class with me. LOL

That’s it for now.

PS, I got my Nokia back. Its doing good now, and also got a new black (sheesh!) lap bag, and a wireless mouse, all thanks to daddykins.

Reading through New Moon, hating Bella each second, and Edward more.

Also reading Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. Love Ron Weasley!


  1. sooo... which set of subjects are you doing? ;)

  2. but i m at a loss 2 find out what CHSE is :O

  3. @ticktock,
    Microeconomics, Accounting, Business Mathematics and Computing. All of them, I've done again and again in both O'ls and A'ls. >.<

    CHSE is Center for Higher Secondary Educstion, the only public high school in Maldives. I did my Al's there. xD

    Thanks for commenting guys.


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