Wednesday, March 3, 2010

March Mania


I donno why but I like this month, very much! Now don’t you go there making weird assumptions. To be truthful, people make very weird assumptions about meh! Oh, and Economists ASSUME. Hah! Some two weeks ago, I told a joke about Economics. and now whenever any teacher even says the word “assume”, everyone keeps looking at me. LOL

Since the start of this year, I started making Goals for each month, (Should I also mention the fact that I love making lists?) Here are this month’s goals.

1. Text a friend a day

Calling friends are good, but Every time I call someone They just sound weird, and its embarrassing. –_- Texting is easier, plus cheaper
2. Go according to study schedule

I finally made a study schedule, high time! So far, everything’s going good.
3. Write in diary every day

This one's kinda the hardest to do!
4. Do not procrastinate

Ok. I take back what I said on 4th point. This one’s definitely the HARDEST to keep. Procrastination's my middle name
5. Update blog regularly

Hopefully will keep you guys updated about my life!
6. Use my own photos on blog

Yeah, I keep taking pictures, and I gotta show you some great ones.

Lets hope I can do this. xD

PS, Yeah 2 posts in one day! So not meh!

PS2, That’s my fav potted plant in FMC. I even secretly named it Gorga. I’m weird. Period!



  1. @Iththi, Gorga is a nice name ingey. tsk tsk
    Miadhu balaali iru e plant ethaaku neiy. O.o

  2. aww
    shoo sad!
    we need to plant trees there!
    its hot outside :S

  3. eey shaha,
    long time no news, i've been too busy last few days to free anytime to listen to your show.

    i hope to tune in tonight, if i remember. your show somehow gives me a deep insight into certain fragment of this society. ///

  4. @iththi, yeah. we should do something. like even put potted plants in the auditorium~

    @Anony, aww, thats sweet. xD
    Really? Interesting!

  5. hey shaha,
    i completely forgot that night. damn, it's the weekend again, probably i could only tune in next week. have a great weekend.

  6. @Anony,
    You are very late. Cos the shows are no more. )=


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