Monday, March 15, 2010

I Miss


  • Living near scoop. When I lived there I spent all my free time in scoop eating Raspberry Ice cream, and all the scoop staff would know what I would order even before I said anything. I know you wouldn't believe that. Even I wouldn't. Cos that's not what I do on my free time.
  • CHSE. I miss classmates, library, Othello (when i was a student there I read Othello back to back four times, once in each semester), the mango tree, rose bushes near toilet, the big tree at the secret place (It is there! Just because you don't know doesn't mean it isn't! Hmph), Parliamentary debates, cute guys, playing Pictionary all the time and specially I miss the the Abulho Pragya thing. LOL
  • BGK. I wasn't as sad as that even when I gave the last ever show on HFM. BGK was something I enjoyed, something I could talk bout forever.
  • Thutha. She’s the best person in the whole world. the best shopping buddy, the best movie buddy, and the best ice cream buddy. )=
  • Cousins. We had so much fun before, now we live so far apart we only check each other’s facebook statuses. I am ashamed to say  depend on facebook for this. T_T
  • Polyvore. I was such a great polyvorian. OK, maybe not, but it was fun. I had fun, I donno why I don't go there anymore. Wait, cos I am this busy girl who thinks she can do everything, but the truth is 24 hours isn't enough for me.
  • SHOPPING! I am such a shopaholic at heart , but I haven't bought anything meaningful in months. Photocopy’s doesn't count. I hate photocopying. T___T
  • Not having to think about a pimple in my face. Seriously! Being a girl is never easy.
  • Being a perfectionist. It was fun, I was confident, I wasn't procrastinating. I was, never mind.
  • Naifaru. Sadly I miss the place, my room, my teddy bears, if they are alive by now, granny, and all the lovely people there.
  • My room. I might not be able to live there in like 3 years. gosh, I miss the cartoon network-ish tiles, the stupid white walls, which I am gonna change to hot pink, and the antique study table. I miss my weird bed, and my toy airplane, which I used to play with everyday when I was small. Yes, its still there, new as ever.
  • Collecting Bracelets. I now have so few I hardly wear any. That photo shows all my bracelets. Ouch.
  • The good old me, who was a nerd , who talked like how a good girl should, who always did her work on time, who would cry a fountain even if she missed a class. Is that girl still in me?


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