Thursday, July 1, 2010

Fly With July


Gosh, I feel like it was yesterday I posted the June goals. One month already?

Anyhow, this month I hope to,

1. Finish all homework's on time

and not procrastinate. so far, so good.

2. Study according to the study schedule

Last semester’s good results inspired me to continue being a straight A HD student.

3. Be friendly and more modest

As if I’m not friendly already. haha

4. Spend less

One hard to achieve goal. I’m like a free spender. gah!!

5. Pray regularly

*self explanatory*

6. Write story, poems and about experiences

so that I can never get bored of writing stuff down. One of my classmates call me bla bla Shaha. I need to live up to my new nick name, right?

What do you plan for this summer?


  1. i'm never good at achieving goals!
    but nice list u got there! hope u achieve them!
    good luck! :)

    and update those thoughts of ya :) keeps us people entertained too hehe.


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