Monday, July 26, 2010

The Independent Spirit


Today, I woke up at 5 to get ready and go to the flag taking ceremony. While I walked down the road wearing this very red salwaar kameez (haruvaalhu hedhun) I felt sleepy, but still made it, and came back home without fainting. The ceremony was nice, and it was actually very exciting to see little kids of nearly 3 to 5 years of age up so early to watch the national  event. I now have faith in our future generations. Also one MMNDF guy fainted, which made me feel really better since I thought I would be the first one to faint. I later felt sad for the guy, but who cares anyway!

Also did I mention I have a debate today? Yepp, an inter faculty debate in which I am representing FMC along with older people I don't really get together with. Still, they are pretty good, and who am I to judge them for how they debate?

I was feeling pretty sad that I’d have to stay home this independence day too, but my Aunt and the twins invited me to go himmafushi with them. So, right after the debate, I am gonna head to the ferry and go to himmafushi for the two days, with little miss sunshine. This is hopefully gonna be one of the best independence days.

On a related note, Happy Independence day!


  1. wow, i did the same too. i like the madhirige burugaa style you have shown, it's so common now, i love it.

  2. I would like to exchange links with your site
    Is this possible?

  3. @Anony, ofcourse, I'd love to. xD


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