Friday, July 2, 2010

Weekend Reads


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Since you dont get enough of me and my babbling already. haha. I’m evil like that!

Big fan of nail polish? Check out the colors you could try this summer!

Don’t know what soundtrack to listen to? Try Housefull, but before that, read my review! And no,  that's not a request.

Who am I if I don't give you suggestions about what to wear and how to wear. From my mastermind, comes this set of well, whatever you wanna call it!

Oh, and also lemme give you a review about one of my fav soundtracks of this year, Karthik Calling Karthik. Don't get fooled by the name.

Like nude shoes? What? You donno nude shoes? Then, what are you doing here, go check them out!!

And if that wasnt enough, check out Ikko’s new blog.


  1. hehehe nice one ... totally love it ... guess m gonna check some out of it

  2. @ne3, long time. nice to see u here. hehe

  3. aww shaha u linked my blog too!
    its not as interesting as all the links above girl! hehe
    but thanks :)

  4. heheh dhow ... m back again and have updated my blog .... =D


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