Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Teaching, Love and I

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I’m not a teacher, and I do’;t even wanna be one. But I know, I can be a good teacher, I just don’t like teaching. For instance, I get angry real quickly, (Whoa. Don’t get too excited. I am also good at acting,and not showing my anger. ) and I cant take it when people don’t get even after telling them 3 or 4 times, and that’s as long as I can repeat something. I’m not ashamed at myself for this. You must know, I’m not perfect like some sparkly too much hair product fairies vampires. I am not always bubbly. It would be boring If I was just bubbly and happy go lucky. I think everyone should have some different characteristics.
Like I can be mean, evil, and bitchy when I want to, and when I have to. But that doesn't mean I cant be nice and friendly too. Being your own person is not just being one thing, but trying new things.
When you go on living life, you realize many things, you come to terms with reality. You realize your sweet childhood is over. You realize “I'm not your friend anymore” isn't the worst thing anyone can say to you. You also realize everyone’s not as kind as Barbie and Ken, and that if you are gonna live in the same world as them, you need to be strong. You can’t be a clone, be a plastic and be a “person who looks after horses”. You also realize your fairytale is not there anymore, that that your prince charming isn't always the nice guy, but is the player who looks hot. You also realize that the bad guys aren't transparent. And that love is not love anymore.
And then somehow you complete the rough high school road, and by the end of it, you are labeled for life. If you’re un cool, people will always see you as a loser. And then you go to college, and you meet more new people. Guys you like like others, and guys you hate are paired with you. Everyone makes jokes, and say bad things. If you know the bad stuff, you’re labeled a slut, and if you don’t, you’re not cool. and they even go as far as saying you are cunning. Teachers don’t care, they wanna look cool, and talk about relationships as if they are everything. People don’t see college as college, they see it as some place you come and go. People don’t care about learning, all they care is about getting a pass.
And you ask me? Are you one of them?
I am. I don’t deny. But I am not like them. Its hard to believe that people who think so different can get together so well.
I don’t see college as that place I have to go to get a certificate. I live life to the fullest, on MY own terms. I dress up everyday like, its a fashion show, not because I’m a label whore or anything, but because I am confident in being who I am. I talk to people,make jokes and even act childish. That doesn't mean I’m not mature. I am still trying to relive the old childhood carefree days when laughter was in the air.
You can’t blame me because I like reading, gaining knowledge, and get all HD’s. Its not my fault you don’t try. You cant judge me based on my clothes and label me a “wannabe”. It’s not my fault you wear hobo clothes. You cant make fun at me because I talk English. It’s not my fault you cant pronounce “hallelujah!”
So, don't. Don't bother to judge me!


  1. nice post.
    i can't tolerate telling people either. but i was a teacher and for kids. imagine!
    i had to quit after 6 months though. pain in the ass. long story!

  2. @ieccco, I cant even imagine. Kids. omg!!


  3. kids are cute and bolaa nukulhadhaana ... yet yet cute ...

    and yeah what u really said out about life is really true ... agree on that ...

    i hate teaching tooo ... ekam lurrve kids ... hehe

  4. #ne3, hehe. yeah they are cute. and naughty. heh


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