Monday, July 5, 2010

Social Networking, Or Is It?

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These days, if you’re not on facebook, you haven't lived! If you don’t have 1000 friends on your friend list, you are a loser. If you don't like everyone’s pictures, and comment “Cho Cutee!!” on them, you are not a good friend. Does it really live to the hype?
I do use facebook, and yes, I’ve fallen into the traps many a time. Blame me, I make mistakes. I do comment on people's status and all, but that doesn't mean facebook is the only thing that keeps us as friends. I don't depend on facebook, base my life on it, or is obsessed with it. I have a life other than spending all my time online, in a virtual world, trying to be cool. I am cool, to start with.
Then there is twitter, which actually is better than facebook. I’d choose twitter over facebook any day, but then y’all already know that. Twitter is actually more informative, less time consuming, and there are no bunch of losers there. People in twitter can talk in good English, has a life other than playing farmville! Kudos!!
There are also other various networks like Orkut, Bebo, ibibo, polyvore, etc. I do use some of them, but not so frequently. I have a habit of checking things out, so that I could stick with the best.
Are you sticking with the best? or does your life revolve around the computer screen??


  1. obama won the elections by twitting. so twitter wins lol.

    plus i so agree with u on that farmville thing. seriously mafia wars and farmville is ruining my life, i had to block all apps from my profile.
    but what to do, living abroad and using facebook helps connect with family by means of video's and photos.

    we cant always be on skype now can we?

    :) good post.

  2. @ieccco, oh yeah. I should add that, hah!!

    I used to play farmville, and then it kinda got bored, with all the posts. lol. thats true.

    I am kinda new to skype, so dont really know much about it.

  3. well i agree with you on some facts ... and totally agree on farmville and those games on fb ... really boring ... buh fb is a good way u can get updates about frends ... though we cant totally depend on it ... but twitter seems a lil boring for me ... hehe

  4. @ne3, hehe. see, we all have different opinions. xD

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  6. Guess you are right!
    But ive already started using facebook and there's no way i can manage both accounts, i mean, i don't like having one FB account, one twitter account, one MySpace (which sucks!) account... hehe
    But i'm thinking of checking out twitter!

  7. @anony, hehe. I kinda have one of every type, except Myspace. lol. I have been able to manage them. hehe. you should try twitter.


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