Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Library Thing


I am so lame, I wrote an article for something that was due even when I found out about it. I actually didn't know it was. I love my article, so now I am gonna bore you all with the should-be-an-award-winning article about, WAIT FOR IT, LIBARARY!!

Library is not a luxury, it’s a necessity.

As an economics student I spent 5 years studying about necessities and luxuries, and even though in economic terms a library would not be concerned a necessity, nonetheless it has been a must for us throughout our student life and beyond. Most of my friends get nausea even hearing the word library, and they would rather read Vogue than spend their valuable time reading good literature.

However, library has served its purpose for all of us, and at some point in our lives, we have come to the shelter of a library, whether it was to find a Sidney Sheldon book, or perhaps just to find some peaceful quite time. A library is not the boring place that its stereotypes in teen movies and 70’s musicals. When you give it a chance, it can become your secret garden where you can be yourself, where your dreams can run wild, and through the books, you can dig a hole to china or Kayak in the Pacific Ocean. All you need is to open your mind and let it inspire you.

People who think libraries are only for nerds probably haven't been to one. You cannot judge a place without been there, and experiencing it by yourself. A library is a necessity because unlike a luxury which only people of precise wealth can relate to; anyone, whether young, or old can use a library. You don’t need to be Matilda to be able to use one. Libraries have now become more than what they used to be. It’s progressed to a place where people come to learn, to gain knowledge. A place that’s better than a bookshop, a cyber cafĂ©’ or even a study hall, since a library of modern times would have all that and more in one place, so that the users can be at ease.

Libraries are peaceful and helpful, it doesn’t judge anyone, it doesn’t let you down. It just stays there for you to open your mind and let the knowledge in. It doesn’t care whether you are rich or poor, or whether you have a Nobel Prize or not. In today’s modern era there are websites and information overload anywhere you see, but unlike a library, they are not filtered and reader-friendly. Thus, even today, students all over the world use their respective libraries. It doesn’t really matter whether a library is in Princeton University or a simple library in an Island. All it matters is that its there for everyone, and everyone can benefit from it. Prince or Pauper, American or Hispanic, a library doesn’t limit its users, it appreciates and celebrates. It crosses cultures and touch hearts. It makes eyes open, and see from new perspectives. It brings people closer with the power of books and unites people.

Stop for one second and think about what’s happening around you. Are people changing? Is the world becoming more materialistic? Why? Don’t limit yourself. Ask Questions. Find answers, because living under a rock is not an option. Go to a library, and treat yourself to interesting things. Learn about a new culture, do something you have wanted to, but never dared, Read an interesting book, the options are endless. You only have one life, so make use of it. Let the library be your guide, your mentor. You might not want to give it a chance, but you need to, that’s because a library is not a luxury, but a necessity!

What do you think? Did I convince you to like, go to a library right now? Even if I didn’t, please say yes!


  1. True! Its just recently i discoverd the magic of books!:) Carl Sagan!

  2. Yes you did sweety :)
    Oh and I love the article, maybe you should start writing for magz?

  3. ok this maybe wierd for a guy like me but I love reading too.. i mean i grew upon books... food for de imagination dho...

  4. @Anony,
    Welcome to the wonderful world, dear!

    Awwh. Thanks. I am thinking about it.

    I think guys who read are hawt!! =P

  5. Well, you are right. But nowadys are few those who enter a library. I am a teacher, I know that my students do not read and I do not understand why. When I was their age I used to read a lot, I still do...

  6. @Ana, yeah. I wonder why too. I love reading and I have loved it since I knew what a book was. xD
    thanks for the comment!!


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