Friday, July 9, 2010

Weekend Reads


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It’s the weekend again, hello Friday. I have a love hate relationship with the weekend. Since my life is so boring, I dont have anything to do! sucks to be me!

Anyways, this week was OK. And by OK I mean, bearable.

Since you never will get enough of me, why not show you what I wore to college on Sunday, and Thursday, cos you know, Sunday and Thursday go together like Draco and Harry.

Shopping, is my middle name. That’s right. I’m Shaha “Shopping” Ahmed. My parents must be proud. And so, I need to show you what I do best, in its full glory. Thus, the bargains at its toll.

Promise, thats all about me. haha

And while you’re at it, why not check out Shums blog, which I think is super mega freaking awesome!

Check out Amy’s post about blogging and fashion. This girl is going places!

Happy Weekend!


  1. ohhhh my gawwwd .... hehe how do u manage to get ur blog updated so frequently ... shaha u gotta teach me .. m noh a kid ingey so no worries .. .heheh as u hate teaching kids ... ummm by the way love the post ...

  2. @ne3, hehe. I take it as kind of a mandatory thing. lol. hehe.
    Just include it in your to do list. I give myself treats after I do every thing in my to do list, kind of how teachers give kids stars. lol

  3. is it like u make a list

    go do home work - treat choclate
    update the blog - treat kaashimetaa
    clean the room - treat lollipop


  4. @ne3, haha
    yeah I love lists.
    btw, love the kaashimetaa part. Yepp, but most of my treats include watch gossip girl, read MLIA, or watch channel V.


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