Wednesday, December 1, 2010



Finally, the last month of the year. I can’t believe how quickly the year went. Anyhow, there are still 31 days more to go, and I plan to cherish each day. This month, I hope to

1. Update my blog regularly

I have been pretty MIA since the holidays. Well, you can thank my wmodem for exceeding beyond my wildest nightmares and also me for being super lazy. (Please tell me there is no such thing as super lazy!)

2. Do more chores at home

Only very recently did I realize that I am no longer a child (I sometimes wish I could live one more year as a seventeen-er) and thus, I need to learn to cook. Only cook because I know how to clean (too well, thanks to OCD) and to iron and most of the perfect housewife stuff. No, I don’t have plans to get married next year. I’m just following the girl guide motto. BE PREPARED.

3. Buy more from my “Things I really need in my life” list.

It’s very long and super expensive, but whatever! (I shall stop using super as an adjective to every thing I say. Super sorry. OOPS!)

4. Read the 7 habits.

For highly effective teens. I only have one more year as a teenager, and I want to live it fully. Even if you’re not a teen, I highly recommend this book. It was my mentor when I was growing up.

5. Finish what I started

mostly the things I wanted to do this year, and didn’t do. Mend relationships and stuff.

6. Renew

The most important step is constant renewal. Improving yourself. I am now a 2.0 (I have no idea what that means anyway)

Happy last month of 2010. What are you doing this month?

PS I am also doing a movie a day marathon this month, so check out my movie blog time to time for my blah blah on the movies I watch!


  1. hmm ,,, nice blog and nice posts and i have checked your movie blog too, and its not bad. I also did a Biography blog before starting to blog my thoughts ...

    looking at this post, good that you look forward and try to be prepared... i recommend you the book "From where you are to where you want to be, the 100 principles of success" its a inspiring book ...

  2. i promise to do my best to do number 1 on your list ...
    scouts honor !!! :)

  3. Febrehemo, thanks. Your idea sounds great too. I think I saw a copy of that in college library. Thanks for the recommendation. Hopefully, will check it out.

    Subcorpus, haha. *salute*


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