Friday, December 3, 2010

Weekend Reads


image from sabrina, WHI

Today I did laundry, watched Aisha, and spent the rest of the time sleeping and browsing net, not exactly in that order.

You may or may not know from my previous post that I’m doing a 31 day movie marathon this month. Here’s the list of movies I have handpicked to watch.

I also went to college last week to be a backup teacher. I wore a very weird dress/ensemble. You can read all about it here because I am mean like that.

Aisha is one movie I love. I want to live in her room. I also now want to garden and try my hand at match making. Read my review and know for yourself.

I was actually lookig for a redcaprtet site on Bollywood fashion (You didn’t know? I am a huge bollywood freak), and I found one a few months ago.

I would love to switch lives with this girl. She has so many dresses. aah!

Did you know about 30 for 30? Kendi started that all. She is awesome.

I can write about stuff forever and ever. But you have a life as well. So enjoy it, while I sulk in my boredom.

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