Friday, December 31, 2010

Weekend Reads


image from livros, whi.

Literally, the last day of this year. This last week was fun.

I wore the same dress two different ways here, and here. What’s new in that huh? I shamelessly like to brag about it as if it’s a huge accomplishment. You can also vote for me, if you like my clothes, me, this blog, or the sky.

Shums has this amazing necklace. I am loving it and Iecco is doing the 30 days blog hop, so don’t forget to visit her blog, everyday.

Happy New year. I am digging the whole weekend-coming-in-two-year thing.


  1. I like the second style better!
    Oh I love how that necklace matched her scarf!
    and thanks for mentioning me here! :)
    Happy New Year Shaha!


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