Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Last Few Days Of 2010

So, 2010 is almost coming to an end. The days went so fast.
here are some of the things that I did/happened to me in 2010.
  • started my degree, in Marketing and Management. I am gonna be a grad in two years.
  • had my very own show, Access Bollywood for almost two months. It was good to be on Radio and talk about my favorite movie making maniacs
  • wrote scripts for and recoded like three ads. It was a huge accomplishment, since I had no experience at all.
  • was chosen as the class rep, and given responsibilty for three years. I am still having a love-hate relationship with it.
  • got perfect results in the first sem, and good results last sem. Masha Allah
  • turned legal. This was one MAJOR change, as I am now expected to behave and act like a matured adult. But I am always going to be this child-like dreamer no matter how old I get.
  • Lost my job, and got it again, and lost it again. Like a roller coaster. haha. The reason why I stay like this, is because my heart belongs there.
  • Updated the blog almost regularly, haha.
  • Won my very first prize in a giveaway. I am yet waiting for it, it’s a lovely scarf. =)
  • Went back to mom’s place for eid after like 7 years. I was very disappointed with the lack of traditions.
  • Went to dad’s place after 6 whole years. That place has changed so much.
  • Met lots of awesome people, made new friends, lost in touch with a few.
  • Had many many little great things happen that made me love life each day.
In general, it was a great year, and I am glad to have enjoyed the most of it. Hopefully, 2011 is going to be better and bigger! How was your year? Are you loving the new theme? It’s still in the making though.


  1. so rounding up to a pretty eventful year :)

  2. I am absolutely loving the new theme! Nice start to a new year. ;) Congratulations on your major achievements of 2010! Insha Allah, the next year will be blessed with even more! :)

  3. Glad you had a great year .. and hope the next years would be the same great .. with new and different experiences .. guess i'll have to think for a few mins how my year was .. never really thought of it .. and so i guess u inspired me for a post .. and this new chnge for the new year is grt .. lovly theme .. evn i'm thinking of having some changes in my blog but depends on my time .. ehhe .. =)

  4. ieccco, yeah. thanks

    haiko, thankyou! Insha Allah

    Dhona, yeah, you should do a post. =D thanks


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