Monday, December 6, 2010

The Ignore Life Phase

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Sometimes I have this ignore life phase, mostly when holidays come. I have this habit of ignoring all my sms’s, calls, fb messages, tweets, etc. Mostly all forms of communication with the external world.
I also have this intention to do a complete makeover every time I return from a holiday, and mostly it always goes wrong. WHY? Because I’m not one of those horrible looking people who looks damn hot after after a makeover. (I’m not that good looking either) Maybe I am watching too many movies.
It’s that phase again, btw. I have a gazillion texts that I haven;t replied to and I only go to facebook to play this adorable game Pet Society. (Yes, you can question my age, not my intentions)
I donno what’s gonna happen next, and I don’t even care. Holidays at home is NOT good for me.


  1. touche' girl... >.< i go through sumthin a bit like that too...mine is more of an indulgence marathon though :P

  2. arykko, awwhh. haha. Welcome to the club.


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