Saturday, December 11, 2010

Survey Saturday

And another survey. Hope you guys aren’t getting bored of all this. ha

dandelions: in your opinion, are they a flower or a weed?:
I think they are flowers, but I may be wrong. However, I like Dandelions.

skirts: how short is too short?:
When you bend, if someone can see your crotch, then THAT is short!

shoelaces: what color combination do you like best?:
Yellow and Black. Also Red and Pink.

braces: have you ever had them? for how long?:
I want them, but mom wouldn't’ allow me. ARGH!

flirting: how do you / do you do it?:
I flirt sometimes. But most of the time, I am hard to get (and when I’m not, I play hard to get!) LMOA

your hair: how many colors has it been?:
Just this black/brunette. 

medication: what kind do you take most often?:
Stomachache and those sweet stuff that you eat for throat pain. I hate medicine, but that sweet stuff taste so good.

how sick do you have to be before you resort to medication?:
Not much. Living with a doctor has its side effects.

salads: what kind is your favorite? what dressing do you use?:
I like simple carrot salads. haven’t tried that many flavors and dressings yet. 

heartbreak: do you remember your first one?:
Nope. I haven’t had one. Except it still hurts when you see someone you really like with someone else. 

cooking shows: do they make you hungry?:
when they make desserts, YES!

what is one thing that you enjoy cooking or baking?:
I like baking. 

facial hair: do you find it attractive?:
on some people.

body hair: in which places do you find it attractive?:
I actually find body hair gross. VERY GROSS!

which fast food place do you dislike the most?:
Baywatch, even though they wouldn't really be considered a fast food place.

lemons: do you enjoy them, or are they too sour?:
I love them! Lemons and rihaakuru is my fav combo.

the sky: what color is it, right now?:
Kinda blue. 

aside from diamonds, what's REALLY a girl's best friend?:
Books. I think they are books, or maybe laptop. My best friends are Blitz, Trinka (my phone) and books, and of course my real human friends. haha

what do you think is a man's best friend?:
I heard the saying that it’s dogs, but maybe it’s their phones.

how often do you share your belief system with others?:
Mostly when people speak about it, I tend to blurt out things. hah

scale of 1-10: how optimistic are you about your future?:

is further space exploration something you feel is important?:
Nope, but others may disagree.

have you ever (honestly) made a racist comment about another person?:
Nope. I don’t think I understand racism that well. Plus almost everyone I know is Asian.

who was the last person you spoke with over an instant messenger program?:
Mh.  He’s my mail and chat buddy. =D

who was the last person to "make your day?": 
Harv and Ty.


  1. You just made me crave rihaakuru. *Drools* And and, green mangoes!

  2. Haiko, awwh. I love them so much. But I'd take lemons over mangoes anyday!

  3. lol..i dont really like sour stuff..sweeeter the nice post

  4. raw mangoes are nyummmy .. but i do like lime aswell ..

  5. I love dandelions too!

    Thank you for joining my giveaway! Good luck :)

  6. blacky, hehe yeah sweet tooth here too. lol. thanks

    Dhona, yes yes! I'm now craving for some. =P

    Luchie =D Nice giveaway. thanks


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