Thursday, January 27, 2011

In Sickness and In Health

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I am usually a cheerful crazy person, most people would agree. But what only very few people knows is that I am at my worst when I am sick.
People doesn’t usually notice that cos I act like I’m doing fine. Yes, I can act. pretty well actually. I woke up yesterday having a bad cold. Vomited the hell out in the wee hours of dawn. When I am sick, I tend to be very whiny/lazier than my usual self. I would randomly cry at unnecessary times,be in a bad mood all day, be all like “I just had a heartbreak”,  sleep all day (which is pretty normal for me even when I am not sick).
The worst thing is, I would just be there, like a dead person. Doing nothing, and then after some time I would be all like “I am gonna fight this sickness” and then go take a shower and pamper myself. Wear my best clothes, blah blah, but after sometime the whiny self comes back.
Yesterday I did go to college though, cos I didn’t wanna miss my first tutorial. It was better than I expected. No one even had a hint that I was sick, cos I was being my usual “studious crazy person who talks way too fast” self and answering the dude’s questions. But one hour into the class, I has this urge to vomit. I didn’t want to go out, so I borrowed two packets of supari from China which made my vomiting urge stop but gave me a red face. That’s why I don’t eat supari. I am kinda allergic to it, which is a good thing.
Today, I am feeling better, but I woke up just now (1:10) and had scrambled eggs. So, that’s an unknown fact about me. ha!
How are you guys?


  1. ahh .. so ur fine nw .. before i said get well soon even ... hahha
    so lets say belated getwellsoon =P
    and yeah I feel the same way when i get sick .. just hate it


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