Saturday, January 29, 2011

Survey Saturday Part III


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-.B l o g s.-
Own a blog?:: Yeah
If so, what kind?:: Blogger
What color is it?:: Kinda pink and white 
Font style:: Whatever it came with
Theme:: I made my own 
Any music that plays:: Nope
What you write most about:: Random stuff, and almost anything that strikes me as interesting.  
Number of friends:: A lot of followers and readers and friends. 
Number of comments on your last entry:: Who’s counting? 
Any videos in your blog:: Nope
Favorite picture in it:: Many
Most powerful entry:: Typical Maldivians, ha! 
Age of blog:: Nearly 4 years. =D
Have any other ones?:: Yeah, 3 more blogger ones, an Lj and a tumblr. LOL 
Entry you wish you never wrote:: None actually. 
Saddest entry:: The “Wrong Start” one, and a few others. 
Most memorable entry:: Most ones that talk about my life and stuff. 
Favorite post:: Letter to my mom and dad. 
Most pointless post:: Most of the posts are just random babble. 
Pay for your blog?:: Nope

-.T h i s. .O r. .T h a t.-
Fantasy or sci fi:: Fantasy. 
Pizza or Steak:: Pizza all the way. 
Italian or Chinese:: Italian
Food or drink:: Drink
Old and wise or young and naive:: Young and Naive. LOL 
Movie or TV series:: TV Series 
Silent film or modern film:: Modern
Cook or eat:: Eat
Clean the house or run three miles:: Clean the house
Classical or rap:: Classical
Sleep walk or snore:: Sleep Walk 
Red or Blue:: Red
Heart or Diamond:: Heart
Boy or Girl:: Boy
Camel or Giraffe:: Giraffe
Hotdog or Hamburger:: Hotdog
Squid or Chicken:: Chicken
Novel or Magazine:: Magazine
Yahoo or AIM:: Yahoo
Supper at 4 or Supper at 9:: 4
Elves or Dwarves:: Elves
Mars or Jupiter:: Jupiter
Deep space or Deep sea:: Deep Sea 
Paris or Rome:: BOTH!
Short film or long movie:: Short Film 
Techno or pop:: Pop
Soccer or football:: NONE.
Curly or straight:: Straight
Yellow or black:: Yellow
Psychologist or Psychiatrist:: Psychologist
Old mansion or modern shack:: Old mansion
Ipod or mp3 player:: An iPod is an mp3 player, duh! 
Chemistry or physics:: NONE.
Art or math:: Both.
Learn or daydream:: BOTH.
City or small town:: Small Town.
High school or college:: College.
Tree or flower:: BOTH.
Tragedy or comedy:: Comedy.
Dance or sing:: BOTH.
Run or Walk:: Walk.
Quality or Quantity:: DEPENDS.
Partner dance or solo dance:: BOTH.
Reality TV or educational TV:: I like reality shows that are also educational, like Project Runway, Top Chef, America's Next Top Model.
Typing or handwriting:: Both.
Party of 300 or Party of 3:: 3.
Trees for breathing or trees for furniture:: So, basically trees, eh.  
Left or right:: Right
NYC or LA:: NYC.

-.F e a r s.-
Put a X for those you don't fear and O for those you do
Spiders:: O
Sharks:: O
Heights:: X
Bees:: O
Bugs:: O
Birds:: O
Cars:: O
Getting peanut butter stuck on the roof of your mouth:: X
Long words:: X
The other gender:: X
The dentist:: O
Gaining weight:: X
Change:: X
Loud noises:: X
Reptiles:: O
Aliens:: X
Ghosts:: O
Swallowing a bug:: O
Taking medications:: X
Germs:: X
Plants:: O
People:: O
Whales:: O
Water:: X
Technology:: X 
Getting hurt:: O
Rollercoasters:: X
Sea Creatures:: O
Eating meat:: X
Tapeworms:: O
Being alone:: X
The dark:: O
Balloons:: X
Violence:: O
Rejection:: X
Storms:: O
Dreaming:: X
The future:: x
Foreign Countries:: X
Money:: X
Love:: X
Talking in front of a group of people:: X
Death:: O
Fire:: O
School:: X
Failure:: X
Arguments:: X
Trying something new:: x
Other (list):: Many, Many fears  

-.S c h o o l.-
Years of school completed:: 13 including the college year. 
Best subject:: Accounting, and Math
Worst subject:: Islam
Favorite subject:: Accounting, Marketing. 
Favorite teacher:: Shujau S, Shaheer S, Shimau S. 
Teacher you were better off without:: That Indian guy in BS, and the weirdo in CPE 
Tough teacher who really helped:: Siney S 
Funniest class:: Econ
Favorite subject with the least favorite teacher:: Account
Class you wish you could take:: Literature, Dance, Italian Language
Number of schools attended:: Four
GPA:: 4
Extra curricular activities:: Many Many 
Clubs joined:: Too Many to list 
Group you were/are in:: Many 
Funniest teacher:: Ganesh S 
Bell sound:: Don’t remember
Best book read in school:: Othello
Longest book read in school:: I don't remember
Worst book read in school:: None 
Number of Shakespeare plays read:: Five. I love Shakespeare 
Good teacher but not so good friend::Most of them.
Most useful class:: Almost all. 
Least useful class:: CPT

-.R a n d o m.-
The time:: 1:22 PM 
Current location in the home:: My room
Song you're listening to:: Still in Love with you, Jonas Brothers. 
Last person to talk to you on the phone:: Nash 
Last book you read:: Currently reading. Something Wonderful, Judith McNaught 
A TV show that's on now:: None
First thing you see when looking left::My phone, Trinka. 
What you're wearing now:: Yellow oversized tee and skinnies. 
Name any object on Earth:: Leaning Tower of Pisa
Your mood now:: Happy
A random animal that isn't your favorite:: Zebra
Song number 2 on your ipod:: I don’t own an iPod.
Closest body of water to you:: The Ocean 
Least likely place you'd be found:: In Naifaru 
Last thing you touched:: Other than Blitz, Mickie’s toy piano. 
Best caffeinated drink:: Coke =D and Cappuccino. 
Tallest building you've been in:: KL tower 
The hottest it's been where you live:: VERY HOT. I don’t know. 
Coldest it's been where you live:: This IS the equator, it’s ALWAYS hot. 
Best color name for a crayon:: Marshmallow
Coloring's best done with:: Crayons 
Last phone call you made:: None in the last 24 hours.  
Color of the sky now:: Blue
Last thing you ate:: Lime and Rihaakuru 
Mashed potatoes or fries?:: Both
Your life's motto:: Keep Hope Alive 
Most vivid childhood memory:: The day I was roped to the sewing machine by a tiny thread and I stayed all day long. LOL. Height of obedience.  
Something you're excited about:: going to college tomorrow!
Animal that scares you:: All animals except cockroaches (technically, they are insects). 
Best candle scent:: Lavender
What you'd buy with a million dollars:: A Hajj tour for parents. 
Worst sounding name ever:: Sharaf
Room temperature:: No idea
An inside joke you have:: So Melody, Bieber jokes, Forever Alone, and many more! 
Something that annoys you:: Too many questions and when people take so long to understand something even when told in the simplest form. 
Best room color:: Green, I think 
Worst time in history:: All the wars. 
The weather right now:: kinda too hot for a Saturday. 
What your mother's doing now:: Sitting.
Creepiest place on Earth:: I wouldn't know
Person you look up to:: Many.  
Something unique about you:: My personality, and the things I believe.  
Best quote:: Everyday is a fashion show and the world is your runway - Coco 
Worst thing about modern times:: We depend on technology too much and increased crime rates and lack of manners. 
How you feel now that this is the last question:: Glad

So, that was one LONG survey eh!

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