Monday, January 17, 2011

On Why I Love Twitter

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So, you know twitter, eh? (You don’t? OMG, then we are no longer friends. JK. No, Seriously.) I’ve been a twitterer since like two years back, and it’s been one of the the best things that I got myself into. why?
  • Because it allows me to be creative and to come up with shorter ways to say what I want in less than 140 characters
  • It’s like a personalized search engine. Ask anything, you get answers within one minute.
  • The people there are friendly, and not crazy weirdo's like in facebook.
  • You can stalk celebrities without getting a restraining order.
  • You can pour you heart out, curse people, and they’ll still love you.
  • It’s a lifesaver for so many people
  • Fictional characters come to life, and you can talk to them.
  • You can follow your dreams. Literally.
  • Unlike face book, the people in twitter are more educated and knows proper grammar.
  • You can retweet! =D
  • Twitsal, hell yes!
  • Maldivian Twitterers. They are the best.
  • You get amazing loyal friends. the kind that would stay for life.
  • It’s a bird. Aren’t we all birds?
  • It’s better than facebook.
I probably have forgotten a few things, so lemme know what else to add.


  1. Dont worry you forgot other stuff ...
    You remembered the most important thing ... crucial almost ...
    "You can stalk celebrities without getting a restraining order." ... hehe ...

  2. nice ;) Wonder why i am so distant with it heheh :P

  3. and when you share your links on twitter we get to see them ;)

  4. True.. Its like a life update!!! Day to day life!!!

  5. I really dont like twitter. So far I have never opened an account and dont intend to. I wonder why people really like twitter while you can do everything on facebook.

  6. ah and I get a lot of info. from Omg Facts (omg celeb. facts, omg facts, omg sports facts and omg sex facts) -MH-

  7. subcorpus: ofcourse. The people never make me forget that one.

    Naahi: yeah, do you even tweet? Tell me your username, so I can STALK. haha

    Anony: True that!

    Adi: Heyy, do you use twitter? Follow me..

    Scam: You will need to open a twitter account to find that out.

    Mh, ofcourse. I forgot the most important thing. hehe Thanks


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