Saturday, January 22, 2011

Survey Saturday Part II


Image from darkigxi, DA.

-.D o. .Y o u.-
Smoke:: Nope
Drink:: Water? YES! 
Speed date:: Never tried that, not intending either. 
Online date:: Nope
Clean obsessively:: YES, YES! 
Diet:: Tried a few times, even though I CLEARLY don’t need to. 
Sing in the shower:: Yes, quite a lot. =) 
Exercise daily:: Nope
Dress up just for fun:: All the time. ha 
Shower/bathe more than once a day:: Yes, around two to four times. 
Buy dirty magazines:: Nope
Forget to flush:: Nope
Wash behind your ears:: Yepp, always. 
Collect something strange:: Yeah, sugar packets, and other people’s love notes. ha 
Buy your own things:: Usually.
have kids:: Not yet. 
Camp:: I went on a few camps. 
Spend more time with friends or family:: Kinda in the middle now. 
Eat too little:: yeah. most of the time. 
Study for fun:: Yes, proving once and for all, that I am a NERD. 
Know karate:: Nope
Go to school:: Not anymore. 
Drive:: Nope
Have a job:: Sadly, no. 
sky dive:: Nope
Go to church:: Nope
Count your blessings:: Always, not literally. 
Believe in ghosts:: yes
Walk in your underwear around the house:: Nope
Wear a wig:: Nope

-.R e l a t i o n s h i p s.-
Status:: Single
Crush (if no significant other):: Austin 
Your first date:: Somewhere in a very deserted beach. 
Number of people you've dated:: A little over one.
Do you want to be married?:: Yes, in like another 5 years or so. 
If so, what's the dream wedding like?:: Somewhere romantic. 
Significant other/dream guy/girl's hair color:: Black, or brown, or even red. Doesn’t really matter 
Significant other/dream guy/girl's eye color:: I am not a very eye color conscious person. 
Significant other/dream guy/girl's skin tone:: Pale, little dark maybe.  
Significant other/dream guy/girl's height:: 5'2" – 5'10" 
Significant other/dream guy/girl's weight:: 100 pounds and more 
Significant other/dream guy/girl's personality:: Confident, outgoing, funny, smart, romantic.
Best thing someone of the opposite gender has done for you:: love me unconditionally. Thanks daddykins.
Is there such a thing as love?:: Of course, there is!  
Have you got a date while drunk?:: I don’t drink 
Dated anyone foreign?:: Nope
What makes the perfect partner:: Love, and smarts, I guess.

-.F o r / A g a i n s t.-
Abortion:: Against 
Iraq war:: Against
Fossil Fuels:: For
Politics:: Neutral
Government:: For
Seatbelt law:: For
Cell phone while driving law:: Neutral
Pre-marriage sex:: For myself, Against. 
Hunting:: Against
Marriage:: For
Downloading music:: For 
Gun laws:: Against
Online dating:: For myself, against. But for, if it makes you happy 
Evolution:: You can't really be "against" science, hah.

-.C e l l p h o n e.-
Plan:: wMix  
Phone color:: Black
Phone style:: Touch screen and Side slide. 
Number of contacts on the phone:: Around 240.
Picture phone?:: Yeah, but I rarely use it to take pictures. That’s what camera’s are for. 
Background picture:: Keep calm and spells gif, Mickey and I, Spongebob characters. My phone has multiple wallpaper feature. =D 
Ringtone:: Cho Chang from AVPM 
Texting?:: Yeah, 500 plan. 
Extras for phone:: Apps plus the music I downloaded.

-.F r i e n d s.-
List all friends:: huh, no. 
Friend(s) you've dated:: Two.
Friend you can tell anything to:: Ty, Harv, Mh, Zai 
Friend you've known the longest:: A lot. 
Oldest friend:: I don’t really know 
Youngest friend:: Mickie, yes she’s a friend. 
Friend you wish was more than just a friend:: No one now. 
Strangest friend:: We’re all strange!
Artistic friend:: Nonno
Mathematical friend:: Boils? I guess. 
Friend who's like family:: Zai, and Harv 
Friend with the biggest family:: Nemo, who is actually my cousin. 
Internet friend(s):: Maishan, Naina, Mh, and most bloggers and twitter friends. 
Most forgetful friend:: Me, ofcourse. 
Friend you envy the most:: Melody
Most curious friend:: Mushrif. tsk tsk 
Friend most likely to dance in the rain:: Munshi, I think 
Friend who spends all the time on the phone:: Shafa and Vick 
Friend who watches the most movies:: Muawwaz, Mh, Mushrif, That dude in Macro class, and Harvie.
Best cook:: Murupie
Geekiest friend:: Mushrif,Azaan and Muawwaz. =P 
Your unofficial twin:: ZAI =D 
Scientific friend:: “The Scientist”. He will know. =P 
Friend who most resembles a hippie:: That dude in Macro class. (I know his name. That dude is just a pseudonym) 
Friend with the best hygiene:: haha. ME!! and of course Zai.  
Scariest friend when angry:: Mushrif, and Fareesh 
Emotionless friend:: The Zilch guy, who is also very annoying.  
Your pity friend:: Gosh!
Preppiest friend:: Nash
Smartest friend:: Malik and Boils, and Gigs and most of my CHSE classmates, and ZAI. (She’s super awesome) 
Friend who has been to the most places:: Melody, I think. 
Friend with the strangest taste in music:: Naina. =D (we both have similar tastes. haha) 
Most reliable friend:: Zai, Mh, Nash, China and Harv.  
Riskiest friend:: Fiedler (LOL)
Friend who's most likely to go to jail:: Vicki
Friend most likely to become a multi-billionare:: Harvie
Most fashionable friend:: Shums, Zai, Melody, and Nonno 
OCD friend:: Me, Gosh! I haven't found anyone with OCD yet. 
Friend most likely to get married at 18:: Most of my friends are past 18
Perverted friend:: Vick
Friend you have the most inside jokes with:: Zai, Harv and “The Gang”
Athletic friend:: Gigs, and Jocky

-.F a m i l y.-
Place your mom grew up in:: King’s Island 
Place your dad grew up in:: Naifaru 
Siblings (if any):: Mickie, and Myra (Muntha’s Internet alias)
Mom and dad still together?:: Yep.
Number of cousins on mom's side:: Eighteen, WHOA! 
Number of cousins on dad's side:: Three. =D 
Relative who lives the farthest away:: Ikaa and Prince Aidan 
Relative who lives the closest:: Naanu and Dhontha 
Relative who always makes you laugh:: Kudadhatta B 
Relative you hardly ever see:: Layana 
Oldest relative:: Uncle Adam 
Youngest relative:: Prince Aidan 
Smartest relative:: Mom and Dad. ha 
Last relative to go to the hospital:: Thitha, she just came back. 
Last relative to have had a birthday:: Mickie. The princess turned two! 
Relative with the oddest job:: A. Beybe 
Step-parents (if any):: Kinda have both. Long story. 
Richest relative:: A. Beybe
Relative you can tell anything to:: No one actually other than Dad and Mom.
The oddball of the family:: Shahil and I, probably. And the adopted twins. 
Least patient relative:: Myra
Any adopted relatives:: Yepp. Twins Ammu and Ninni 
Strangest nickname for a relative:: Sorry (A.B), Isn’t (H. Sham) and Chika (M.B) 
Relative closest to your age:: Shah, we’re the same age. =D
Cleanest relative:: Me, and Dad. 
Relative in college:: Dhonbe.
Relative you can relate most with:: No one actually. I’m the oddball. *sigh* a little to Myra of course. 
Last relative to die:: Grandpa
Last relative to get married:: Dhonbeybe
Relative who fought in a war:: None
Relative you love but can't stand to be around:: Twins.
Relative you wish you saw more often:: Nanna, Thutha.

-.C o m p u t e r.-
Computer type:: Laptop, Blitzy 
Background picture:: Harry Potter Theme. Right now it’s voldy! 
Number of icons:: 13. Even my laptop is very organized and clean. >.< 
Most used icon:: Mozilla, and Picasa. 
Games installed:: None. Gosh, I haven’t installed ANY games. gah! 
Internet provider:: Wataniya Modem 
Security program:: None actually. gosh! 
Latest computer flaw:: Some windows bug. >.< 
Most visited website:: Twitter, blogger, Blogloving, fb, lj, and tumblr.  
Number of computer users:: Two
Age of computer:: Almost one year. 
E-mail provider:: Hotmail, AOL, Gmail and Yahoo. Yes, I have four mail accounts. 
Most used messenger:: MSN
Work computer or pleasure computer?:: Kinda both.
Last thing installed:: Java
Screensaver:: None
Computer color:: Black
Keyboard color:: Black
Mouse color:: Black
Mousepad design/color:: I don’t have one
Hours spent on the computer daily:: Too many. Just too many.

-.B o o k s.-
Best book:: Harry Potter books and Nancy Drew books.  
Best genre:: Fiction, mostly love stories, and real life crime ones. 
Worst book:: Horror stories
Longest book you've read:: HP and the Deathly Hallows 
Number of pages:: I don't remember
Shortest book you've read:: Not counting children's books? Probably Words that Taste Good 
Book with the best ending:: The Kite Runner 
Book with the best beginning:: It Girl, I think 
Last book you've read:: Intrigue, Mills and Boon 
Best non-fiction book:: Words that Taste Good 
Best movie based on a book:: None, yet. 
Most descriptive book:: The Bed by the Window, ah! 
Your first book:: I don’t remember.
The most perverted book:: Most Mills and Boons, I think. 
Saddest book:: The Kite Runner 
Weirdest book:: The Twelfth Night
Best author:: Enid Blyton, JK, and a few more. 
Your reading level:: Quite high, I would say.
Book you still don't understand:: None, really
Number of books you can read at once:: Depends
Best way for a book to begin:: Kinda weirdly interesting 
Book you can relate most to:: It Girl 
Book you carry with you everywhere:: Journal and Planner. LOL 
Character you can relate to:: Hermione Granger 
Book with the best scenery:: Many.
Best event in a book:: Full Speed’s camp scene. 
Book with the most surprising ending:: I don’t remember 
Book that was the biggest disappointment:: A few. 
Book that drags on:: A lot
Book that makes you sick:: None yet.
Book you'd like to rewrite yourself:: The It Girl 
Character that disturbs you the most:: Archie Andrews. ha
Favorite character:: Hermione Granger 
Best age for a character:: 10 to 17 
Event from a book that reminded you of your life:: most books children’s events and stuff
Book with the worst message:: Don’t know
Weirdest character:: Jughead 
Best non-human character:: Dobby
Number of books published:: None 
Best classic:: Othello, Jane Eyre.

-.S h u f f l e.-
Birth:: Wake up – Hilary 
First day of school:: True Friend - Miley
First kiss::You’re Still The One - Shania  
Getting a license:: Crush - Selena 
College:: Still in Love with You - JB 
Graduating:: Missing You - Taylor 
Proposal:: Stay - Miley
Wedding:: Thriller - MJ 
Wedding night:: Gotta Go My Own Way - HSM
Taking surveys:: Change - Taylor
First kid:: The Best Day 
First real job:: Airplanes - BoB
Car crash:: We Got The Party - JB
Retirement:: Iris - GGD 
Getting grandkids:: Masquerade - Ashley
Entering a nursing home:: I Learned from You - Miley
Spouse dying:: Who Owns My Heart - Miley
Eating nursing home food:: You’ll Always Find Your Way Back Home - HM
Death:: Start All Over - Miley

-.H o b b i e s.-
Place a X by those things you dislike an a :) by those you like
Writing:: :)
Soccer:: x
Poetry:: :)
Volleyball:: x
Horseback riding:: x
Listening to music:: :)
Making music:: :)
Singing:: :)
Football:: X
Hockey:: X
Drawing:: :)
Watching TV:: :) 
Fixing computers:: X
Sudoku:: :)
Karate:: X
Word problems:: :)
Video games:: :) mostly 
Skateboarding:: X
Shopping:: :)
Cleaning:: :D LOVE 
Driving:: x
Traveling:: :)
Baseball:: X
IMing:: :)
Picking flowers:: :)
Cooking:: :)
Working with animals:: x
Taking pictures:: :)
Dancing:: :)
Painting:: :)
Acting:: :)
Watching movies:: :)
Building things:: :)
Working on cars:: X
Reading:: :)
Doing laundry:: X
Texting:: :)
Camping:: :)
Giving advice:: :)
Bird watching:: X
Stargazing:: :)
Window shopping:: :)
Cave exploring:: x
Number problems:: :)
Eating:: :)
Catching lightning bugs:: X
Going out on dates:: :)
Daydreaming:: :)

-.T r a v e l i n g.-
Countries you've been to:: India, Malay, Lanka
States you've been to:: None
Major cities you've been to:: N. Delhi, KL, Colombo 
Color of your suitcase:: Black
Best souvenir:: A Bhutanise woven thing. 
Favorite city visited:: KL, Agra 
Worst city visited:: Trivandrum
Dirtiest city visited:: Trivandrum
Cleanest city visited:: KL
Average weight of luggage:: Almost to full limit. 
The most you've spent on souvenirs:: 100 bucks 
A souvenir you got from someone else:: That woven thing, earrings, a bear, and a Buddha.
Place you want to visit:: Italy, Rome 
Place you'd love to visit again:: KL, Taj Mahal
Best place for a honeymoon:: I have no idea. 
Place with the nicest people:: KL
Coldest place visited:: N. Delhi actually. I’m bad with colds. 
Driest place visited:: Malay?
Place you got the worst sunburn at:: Home, ha! 
Fantasy world you wish you could visit:: Harry Potter’s world, ANY of Enid Blyton’s places, Neverland and Wonderland. 
Place with the best food:: KL
How many oceans you've seen:: One, I think. 
Farthest you've been from home:: KL
Place you've been with the oddest animals:: Delhi. Dogs ARE odd. 
Weirdest food you've eaten:: some kinda green soup in Guide Camp, Malay. 
Most memorable place:: Taj Mahal, Agra. 
Place you'd love to live:: NYC
Best beach you've been to:: This beach in Vavvaru and some inhabited island near RR 
Most photogenic place you've been:: KL, and of course Taj Mahal. 
Worst trip:: Colombo
Best amusement park you've been to:: None
Best hotel to stay at:: Don’t know. 
Strangest restaurant in a country:: Don't know

-.F o o d.-
Best cook you know:: My mom
Favorite dish:: Anything Italian, and PIZZA (which is Italian, LOL) 
Best meat:: I’m a beef person.
Worst meat:: Don’t know. 
Favorite vegetables:: Carrots
Most romantic meal:: I wouldn't know
Best meal to eat while listening to rock:: I haven’t yet tried any.
Easiest meal to make:: Burgers!!! 
Dish you never get but always want:: Seafood!
Best dessert:: Chocolate Mousse
Best comfort food:: Ice cream, and milk chocolate. 
Best snack:: Chips, and donuts 
Your guilty pleasure:: Anything sugary, specially cupcakes. 
If you diet, what don't you eat:: Any good food. 
Dish you wish you knew how to make:: Fancy stuff like Quesadilla or Cheese cake. 
Best dinner music:: Mellow songs, and Beethoven. 
Is "dinner" lunch or supper?:: Umm, don’t know.
If you're a vegetarian, why?:: I am hoping to become one, one day.
Best ice cream flavor:: Hazelnut, Chocolate chip, Vanilla, and Oreo Cookie. 
Best movie snack:: Chips and pop corn
Best restaurant:: Most ones here are pretty lame.  
Best fast food:: Burgers
Favorite pizza place:: Wood Apple 
Dinner at the table or the TV?:: Table
Best meal of the day:: Lunch
Favorite breakfast dish:: Toast or Pancakes. I don’t like Maldivian breakfast. 
Best atmosphere for eating:: Restaurants, and HOME. =D

-.Y o u r. .S t y l e.-
Any piercings:: Nope
Any tattoos:: Nope
Any glasses/contacts:: Glasses
Color that looks best on you:: Yellow, Pink, Blue, Purple and kinda bright colors and pastels. 
Favorite shirt you own:: lavender Shirt mom made.
Best place to clothes shop:: None actually here.  
What you like to do with your hair most:: wear a hair band. 
Any make up:: YES, intense eye make up and simple lippies 
Favorite bottom:: Skinny jeans
(if a girl) Favorite dress:: The dress I made. =D 
Your stereotype (based on attire):: Girly, Preppy, Fashion Whore. LOL 
Favorite pair of shoes:: My gray heels
Amount of time you spend on your looks a day:: Like 30 minutes
Any jewelry:: Depending on what style I’m going for. Mostly bracelets/bangles, a few rings and a necklace. 
What you'd wear to a party:: Dresses.  
Low cut or turtle neck?:: Turtle neck. 
Tennis shoes or dress shoes?:: I love any type of shoes. 
Any tights/pantyhose:: Nope 
Number of times you colored your hair:: Once. I blacked it.  
Color you own most of in clothes:: Yellow.  
Tank or tee?:: Tees.
How many pairs of shoes you own:: Only 10. 
Nail color:: Right now it’s natural. I color it depending on mood. 
Hair color:: Very very Black
Any body art:: Nope
What inspires your wardrobe:: Trends, Fashion, Movies, Books, Bloggers, Icons and stuff.         
What clothes you'd buy if you had $5,000:: I’d buy fabric and make ones plus buy louboutins.Maybe a Chanel won’t hurt too. =D 
Pluck or wax your eyebrows?:: I don’t do eye brows. 
Era with the best style:: Sixties, and the 90’s. 
What you'd wear to an amusement park:: Jeans and a cute top
Your best feature:: I don’t really know. Smile? 
Clothes you wish you could afford:: Oscar DR, Prada and Chanel 
How important fashion is to you:: Quite Very.  
Most uncomfortable article of clothing:: Tiny tops and Oversized stuff. 
Your comfort clothing:: PJ’s
What you wear when you shop for more clothes:: Regular clothes

-.A c c o m p l i s h m e n t s.-
Got a job:: Had one. Now I’m unemployed. )= 
Got a driver's license:: Nope
Had a sweet 16:: YES, it was fab. 
Graduated high school:: Yep
Dated:: Yep
Applied for college:: Yep
Got straight A's:: Yep
Pay for your own things:: Yeah sometimes.
Have your own place:: Nope
Gone to college:: Currently in college. 
Graduated college with 4+ years:: Nope
Got married:: Not yet
Had children:: Not Yet 
Had grandchildren:: Not Yet. >.< 
Donated to charity:: Yeah
Donated blood:: Nope. Apparently I need to be overweight to give blood. Need around 22 pounds more. gah! 
Operated your own business:: Not yet 
Bought a nice car:: Nope, not even a crap one. ha
Quit smoking:: I don’t Smoke. 
Quit drinking:: Don’t drink either. 
Followed through on your dreams:: A few. A lot more to go.

-.Y o u r. .H o m e.-
Type of home:: House
How many other people occupy the house:: 4
Size of the yard:: Pretty good. 
Floor type in your kitchen:: It’s cement. 
Bedroom wall color:: White
Most valuable piece of equipment in your house:: PC and Refrigerator. 
Number of rooms:: Two
Have air conditioning?:: Nope
Carpet color in your home:: None
Any hardwood floors:: Nope
Light fixture in your bedroom:: White
Bathroom color:: Dark green
Contents of the first cabinet in your kitchen:: Flour, and Rice 
Eat in the dining room or kitchen?:: Kitchen
Sofa color:: Beige
Biggest room in the house:: Living room. 
Smallest room in the house:: Mine
Cleanest room in the house:: Mine
Room you could spend weeks cleaning:: Mine
Most unique room in the house:: Mine
Number of bathrooms:: One
Any pets:: The rabbit dude. *goes on to check if s/he’s still alive* 
Most comfortable room:: Mine
Best room to dance in:: Living room
Have a garage?:: Nope. There’s one in the house though, not ours. 
Best thing about the house:: It’s comfortable and very homey. 
Number of steps:: Around 12 steps to my room. 
Any front porch?:: Nope
House color:: White
Room with the most memories:: Mine, and front porch/yard 
Favorite thing in the house:: Blitzy
Number of windows in the house:: Two 
Number of phones in the house:: One
Number of TVs:: One
Best picture hanging on a wall:: Myra’s Pics collage 
Oldest thing in your house:: TV
Clothes in the dresser or closet?:: Both
Like your kitchen?:: Eh, yeah. 
Room you spend the most time in:: Mine
Room your computer(s) are/is in:: Living room and my room.
Room that smells the best:: Mine. I have scented candles. =D 
Room with the most books in it:: Mine. All my and half of Myra’s collection. 
Room you'd save if you had to pick one:: Mom and Dad’s


  1. God, it was great to know so much about you. :)

  2. OMG shaha ... that was pretty longgg eh .. i usually dont read so long posts or i would leave it to read it later but this time i did and it was pretty intressting eh ..

  3. Adi: ha. Thanks. hoping to know more about you too dear. =)

    Dhona, me too. But I do read personal stuff, pretty interesting to know people eh.


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