Friday, January 21, 2011

Weekend Reads


Image from Al, WHI.

Happy Weekend people. This is one weekend I am hoping would go fast, mostly because college starts on Sunday, and I can’t wait to go back. =D

This week, I wore this, this and this and talked about this, this and this. Too much?

Ieccco had a sad experience in a transportation service, while Dhona talked about her family and life. Meanwhile Xef came up with a very late new year post, ha. Also, did you know Darkie can do magic? cool, eh!

Katie and her cat never fails to amaze me. Mrs. O is definitely the fashion's First Lady. Luinae’s post makes me want to get a filofax.

What are you doing this weekend? Me? I am gonna spend some quality time sleeping, eating (not really) and on tumblr.


  1. I'm gonna miss my besty! She's going back to Mumbai tonight!! Not really a good weekend this time.
    Hope you enjoy yours. :)

  2. Adi: Awwh. Sad, Mine was good, but you know eh!


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