Saturday, January 15, 2011

Survey Saturday Part I


Image from EvonT, DA.

-.N a m e s.-
Your Name:: Shaha.
Your Middle Name:: I don’t have any.
Your Dream Name:: Elle (I love this name)
Your favorite girl's name:: Elle, Shanaya.
Your favorite boy's name:: Ruham, Austin.
Why your name is what it is:: Cos mom and dad went for a bold and a religious name. I love it.
What your name means:: Certificate.
What's most important in a name?:: How easily a cute nick name can be made. haha.
Friend with the best name:: Shure.
Parent's name:: Ahmed and Maryam.
Sibling's (if any) name: Mickie and Muntha 

-.Y o u r.-
Age: 18.
Birthday: Ferbruary 18
Color:: Pink and Yellow
Stereotype:: Some people call me a nerd, others bookwork, others a fashion victim. LOL. Personally I think I am a perfectionist.
Personality:: Confident, outgoing, friendly, straight forward, happy!
Body Type:: Slim
Height:: 5'0
Weight:: 75 pounds 
Hair color:: Naturally, black with somewhat brown tints.
Eye color:: Black
First language:: Dhivehi
Birth country:: Maldives
Current living situation:: Home with mom, dad and siblings.
Obsession(s):: Movies, books, internet, blogging, fashion, shoes, order.
Star Sign:: Aquarius.
Hobbies:: Reading, Writing, Blogging, Dress up, Cleaning, Having fun!
Dream job:: Fashion Designer
Current job:: none.
Best memory:: Many.

-.F a v o r i t e s.-
Flower:: Sunflower
Mythical Creature:: Unicorns and pixies
Book:: All Harry Potter and Nancy Drew books
Movie:: The Perfect Man, Golmaal Returns, Aisha, etc. 
City:: New York, Rome
Sport:: Board Games, ha!
Article of clothing you own:: a simple top mom made.
Food:: Pizza
Holiday:: Eid Hols
Month:: February
Season:: Spring
Class in school:: Marketing
Teacher:: Shaheer Sir, and Shimau from B Com.
Shoes you own:: Black Wedges
Thing about yourself:: My personality
Form of art:: Shoes and fashion as art.
Musical/Play:: Mamma Mia
Point in life:: Back in Grade 7, Ahmadhiyya days, and the start of CHSE. *sigh* 
Store:: Old Blossom Box ( I so wanna go there someday!)
Building:: Maldives National Museum and Library!

-.M o v i e s.-
Favorite movie genre:: Comedy, Teen
Worst movie::The Hottie and The Nottie, and Bitch Slap
Favorite classic:: Breakfast in Tiffany’s
Favorite movie as a child:: The Cinderella Story 
Best animated movie:: Up
Movie with the best ending:: Enchanted
Best Disney movie:: Beauty and the Beast
Most predictable movie:: All romantic-comedies and Teen flicks
Strangest movie:: American High school
Best actor:: Jhonny Depp
Best actress:: Helena Bonham Carter
Actor with the most diverse set of characters:: Johnny Depp, Helena Bonham Carter
Actor that plays the most convincing villain:: Alan Rickman, Ralph Fiennes
Best movie soundtrack:: HSM and Mamma Mia
Funniest movie:: Golmaal Returns
Best documentary:: The September Issue
Movie with the most creative credits:: Bitch Slap

-.T V.-
Favorite station::Disney Channel and Fashion TV
Favorite show:: 100 Questions
Best commercial that's on now:: Pepsi  
Best commercial from the past:: Disney Parks
Best reality show:: ANTM and Project Runway
Show you wish would come back:: 100 Questions
Best person on TV:: Tyra Banks
Worst person on TV:: That dude in the Hindi crappy twilight series
Worst station:: Zee TV
Show you'd spend all Saturday watching reruns of:: 100 Questions, Kyle XY, Moonlight, HIMYM.
Best show as a child:: Lizzie McGuire
TV character you relate most with:: Bianca from 10 things I hate about you , also Blaire from Gossip Girl, and a bit of Sheldon from Big Bang Theory.
Show you learn the most from:: Criminal Minds, Warehouse 13, Chuck, Kyle XY, Big Bang Theory and Project Runway.
Best TV actor:: Matt Dallas, Ian Somerhaulder
Best TV actress:: April Matson, Leighton Meester. 
Age of your TV:: Kinda 10 years. 
How many channels you get:: Only around 15. 
Best time to watch TV:: I don’t really watch TV.

-.M u s i c.-
Best genre:: Teen Pop 
Favorite band:: Selena Gomez and the Scene 
Best radio station:: HFM, duh! (OK, so I don’t listen to radio, which is kinda weird. So, I am BIASED)
Genre you secretly like:: a bit of mellow and rock. 
Best music to dance to:: Lady Gaga, and Bollywood music. 
Song that never gets old:: Crush by D. Archie 
Song that makes you want to go deaf:: Most of Akon’s songs. 
Favorite song without words:: I haven’t listened to any yet. 
Favorite lyrics:: Many. Current fav is “Love Bug”. 
Best quality about music:: Rhythm
Worst song:: Akon anything, and some of J. Bieber songs. 
Song that touches you the most:: Climb, You Belong With Me, Cheater Cheater and a few more.
Saddest song:: Haven’t heard anything yet that made me cry. 
Funniest song:: Fashionista
Strangest song:: I’m my Own Grandpa 
Song that makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand:: None yet. 
Best instrument:: Guitars, I think. 
Most annoying instruments:: Cymbals.


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