Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Problem With Male’

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or in generally with Maldivians. Note that this is from my perspective, so you may not see what I see.
  • Crowded roads. I guess this is a problem in all the capital cities, so I can’t really complain, but is it necessary for EVERY single person to drive a motor vehicle to even go to the nearest shop?
  • Judgy People. Honestly. I usually walk alone a lot, my route is mostly all the way from one end of Majeedhee Magu to the other. Not a day passes when someone doesn’t say something at me, or they’ll look with those elevator eyes and just stare which is very rude if you ask me. I hardly make eye contact with people because of that. But when I do, I tend to smile, which BTW is no longer a good manner so I have found out. You give people a smile, for no reason, but just because you think they deserve smiles and not angry faces and what do they do in return? They look at you like they are about to eat you, or say something like “Haada hevifa” in the rudest way possible. I get sarcasm, but seriously. Is it necessary?
  • More Judgy people who thinks it’s necessary to criticize about the way you dress, the way you walk, or the kind of shoes you wear. It’s none of their business, but of course people are meddle-y.
  • Zero Social Life. Maybe it’s just me. But there are no places to actually go and have a good time. There’s a cinema, but they usually show Dhivehi movies, and thus starts the judgy people and their comments. There are way too many Jugo places that sell crappy coffee and the people who make them are very very rude. In most places, not in every one.
  • The librarians at the National Library are very rude, and they would rather eat their burger than answer your question. There is no routine, one day they ask you to keep the bag on the counter, the other day when you start to do it, they look you with those “malaamaiy kuraa eyes” and laugh at you. How am I supposed to know what to do if you can’t keep the same routine for two straight days.
  • People who have a very limited mindset that doesn’t appreciate nature, colors or anything really, other than politics. Yellow is not “only” applicable to MDP, you know. I’m pretty sure the Hufflepuffs, Sunflowers, Thaajuddin School, dandelions and every other thing that is yellow would disagree. Your argument is invalid.
That’s some of the things I have noticed in the past six years that I’ve lived in male’. Maybe the people have really become much ruder that they were. Such sadness. I sympathize the coming generations.


  1. your soo correct about male' .. and same problem in me is that i do give a smile to people whom i make eye contact with .. it jus happens .. thats not a big deal when i'm living here in india .. the worst thing i would get in return wud be a rude face ..but that hardly happens ..and if i am in male' .. i make sure i dun smile at strangers for no reason ..they would act exactly the same u had mentioned .. lol .. and i do like your post a lot =)

  2. maybe you should stop being judgmental of "judgy" people

  3. Hey Diary Girl - good review of Male' life, and I agree with all that you say here ! :-)

  4. so true.. especially abt the library and smiling.

  5. It was good to know this much about the place where you live. I know it doesn't seem good at all.. And lemme tell you that the 2nd point suits my city too.. :)
    I just get way too frustrated because of such things sometimes. But can't help it.
    All the best for further posts. You know, I'm gonna like those for sure.. :)

  6. Dhona: haha. I suddenly want to live in India. =P

    Anony1: I am trying to do that, but it's pretty hard to ignore what is right in front of one.

    Anony2: Thanks. BTW why be anonymous when all you have to say is nice? =)

    Anony3: =)

    Anony4: Thanks =)

    Adi: I guess I wrote the wrong post first. Now you only know the bad side of here. It's not a really that bad place. Once you ignore all this, you get a nice, congested but a pretty decent place.

  7. ignore like the way America ignores Global Warming

  8. Shujau, of course. I guess there's isn't much of a choice here.


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