Friday, January 28, 2011

Weekend Reads


Image from amelie, WHI

Friday again, eh. This week went too fast. I remember going back to college on Sunday, and now it’s the weekend. What happened to the days? When you have fun, time seems to pass so fast.

Last week, I was a little low on updating. You can however read about what I wore one fine day, and another fine day or take my advice on what to wear, read about my criticism on a runway show, or just take a peek at some items I’m loving this week.

Or you can read more interesting stuff that Aali, xef, Maeed, Haiko, Fazie, Fish and ne3 wrote. Visit their blogs and make their day!

If you still need more stuff to read, check out Diana’s awesome blog, Shea’s new business venture, or Kendi’s funny commentary. For some serious eye candy, don’t forget Katie!

That’s it folks. Have a happy weekend. I am sick, so I’ll be sleeping in all of Friday, taking part in a workshop on Saturday.


  1. yeah shaha ... the days pass away so fast when we are really enjoying it ... any ways thanks for mentioning me there ... hehe get well soon again

  2. Ne3: hmm. I agree. hehe, you're welcome.


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