Friday, February 18, 2011

Birthday Girl


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This is my last year as a teenager. I feel pretty sad, but I am ok with it. My teen years were fun, and exciting. I wasn’t exactly a rebel, nor a teen drama queen. But still, I had fun. I did a lot of stuff I am not proud of, but in the end, all it matters is that I regretted it, and learned from my mistakes.

I kinda hate Fridays, but since it’s my birthday I’m kinda neutral. You know how you feel when it’s your birthday? The whole day you just feel good. It’s like you are walking around with a piece of sunshine in your pocket. I usually get this feeling a lot, but today it’s like I’m carrying stardust with me, not sunshine. I’m not sure if you would even understand. heh.

I also feel sad for not having a proper party with all my friends like the previous years, but I decided this year I wanted it to be different. Anyways, nineteen doesn’t feel any different than eighteen. I hope today will be a great day. Insha Allah.


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! :D I hope you have a wonderful year of being nineteen!

  2. Happy Birthday! =) Hope you had a wonderful one!

  3. Hope you enjoyed.. :) Happy Birthday once again!
    Even the whole day was superb for me.. :)

  4. HAPPY B DAY!!! sorry im late in wishing..but no worries u r in ur twentieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeennnsss now!! LOL! btw hope u had a great 19 and a great bday

  5. happy birthday! hope you had a great day! and do please tell us about the day as well!

  6. Haiko, Me too hope so. Thanks

    Shams, Thanks dear. =D

    Adi, Thanks Adi. =D

    Blacky, awwh. it's ok. Thanks i had fun. hehe

    Me: thanks. It was fun.

  7. oooooops ... m late ... happy belated b day shaha =D

  8. Ne3: It's ok. better late than never, eh. Thanks


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