Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Journey, Trader’s and University


Image from WHI

Last week was a great week. The weekend before that, a few college mates and I attended a workshop named “Elevated” held by Journey, an NGO that works to help drug addicts recover and with several drug related issues. The two day session was fun and educational.On Tuesday we had a barbeque in Hulhumale’ to celebrate the ending with a ceremonial certificate giving and an outreach, giving people information about what we learned in the workshop.

Then, out college changed into a university overnight, and it was OK.

On Friday, I celebrated my birthday on with a tiny tea party for a few friends and classmates.I got a few items from the wish list such as the orchid my bff gave, which I have named Daisy,the chocolate smooch basket from Kuda, and a Barbie Nash gave which I have named Dandelion after Muntha complained that the previous name Yale, was too boy-ish. I tried explaining the Yale university concept but there is no point in trying to change this girl’s mind.

On Saturday two classmates and I got an invitation to go as officials to Trader’s hotel for the AMBISA conference, and boy it was great. I mean, like awesome. That place doesn't feel like Maldives. At all. The food was great, and so was the conference. We met lots of university heads, Education ministry people and had a good time listening to them discuss about CSR.

University has been so far OK. I have zilch expectations from them, so I haven’t been disappointed. I was also peer pressured into joining a net ball team despite my efforts at trying to convince them I had sports-phobia. gah! My mission now is to make this work for my wardrobe by investing in some sports wear, and convincing my mother that I can use one more pair of shoes.Hah.

How was your last few weeks?


  1. Oh, that's great that you're enjoying your educational things.. or something like that.. :P
    Keep enjoying..
    My last few weeks were like.. too lazy.. no fun.. no activeness.. But still I enjoyed being lazy!! :) :D

  2. ummm i guess i will just answer the last question ...
    the answer is boring ... seriously very much boring ... anyways great dat u had an awesome bunch of days

  3. Adi, haha. I've pretty much been an intellectual, it gets boring. I too like being a lazy bum

    Ne3, haha. Don't worry. It'll be fun. =D


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