Monday, February 28, 2011

The Harry Potter Phase


Image from WHI.

Yes, I am going through the Harry Potter phase, again. Of course HP books an movies are a big part of my life. The day I first read the Sorcerer's Stone, did I know that this was gonna change my life? No.

But over the years, I’ve pretty much used the book as a guide, like a self help book. Sometimes, when I feel sad, I would read quotes from Dumbledore. When bad things happen, I am reminded of the life the trio lived and how they fought the evil.

Sometimes I wonder, if there was one quality in me, better than all the others. I wonder, which house would the Sorting hat put me? If real life was like that, how easy would it be, eh. Maybe I’d be in Gryffindor, or Revenclaw, or even in Slytherin.

The start of my degree, I renamed my subjects as HP subjects to make it more interesting, and boy, it was fun. Now I study Muggle Studies – Human Resource Management, Transfiguration – Financial Management, Ancient Runes – Organizational Behavior and Law (For which I couldn’t find a HP equivalent name).

Of curse, once the phase is over, I would still be inspired by it, and what a  genius JK is. Until then, I solemnly swear that I am up to no good.


  1. hey When are you going to post something fun? Diary girl is always too serious? :D

  2. That's good to hear. Keep it up!
    You know what, I too have a novel that hasn't really changed my life, but soon it will.. and that's for sure!! Its good to have something to believe in.. just to keep ourselves going. Would like to tell you the novel's name when we'll meet.

  3. i was never upto this harry potter thing .. eh =)

  4. omg ... i just got in mind dat i havent read any of HP books ... i guess i did play the game once ... and the movies i guess i have missed the last 2 ... haha

  5. Maldivesbest: hey back. Thanks for telling me. I never realized I've turned into a serious boring person. Promise, no more serious posts this week.

    Adi, =D Yeah, it is. I don't actually believe in it, just the parts that I can relate to. I would love to know about your novel.

    Dhona: It's ok. hehe. Maybe one say you will.

    Ne3, ah. That's fine. You are missing out a lot there dude. =P


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