Friday, February 4, 2011


Yesterday was a horrible day for me, and certain things that happened, and certain things I discovered made me realize that I need to take some time out.

I have been blogging quite regularly since the start of this year, and this has been one thing that made me feel good. It’s one place I can write whatever I want. But this thing is too personal even for this blog.

I am taking one week for myself. One week away from blogging, socail networking sites, and some technological devices,which I am sad about, but I need to clear my mind, and take out the negativity and make space for positive things. 

Hopefully, I’ll be focusing more on me, family, studies, and learning stuff. I’m hoping it would help me get over the past, and focus on the present and the future.

I hope you guys understand.


  1. Hey what happened??!! Is there anything wrong?
    Take care of yourself..

  2. insha'Allah whatever you're going through will get better. :) Take care!

  3. Adi: I'll mail you the details. =D Thanks

    Ne3: You too

    Haiko: Insha Allah. Thanks.


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