Wednesday, February 2, 2011

On Minimalism


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On my last post, I spoke about minimalism, this one thing that I’m trying out. I have actually being considering this, after reading some minimalist blogs. I however find simple too boring and thus cannot fully commit to be a true minimalist, but I’m trying to balance my clutter, and to be able to have some space to breathe.

For instance, I have been deleting a lot of my internet clutter (the websites I have joined, but never really used). As part of this I deleted my yahoo, craft blog, movie blog, dropbox, lookbook, and I’m on the process of deleting my flickr. I realize this is a huge change, but I’m ready for it.

I get sucked into internet way too much, and It makes me have less time for other things. I do know that by deleting them, I deleted a part of me, my life mostly with the blogs, but I was rady to let go of them. I’m still the avid movie watcher and the girl who loves to craft. I just don’t have the time and energy to fully commit to have four blogs, so I had to cut it down to two, the only two that I can give time to. This blog is too special to be deleted, or saved in somewhere I can’t see. It’s like my diary, except the kind of diary you were not ashamed of people reading. It’s my place to babble, to get away from the unfairness of life.

Anyhow, I’m also trying to have less clutter, by getting rid of some of the things I would never use, and by actually buying the necessities. I realize that as someone who loves fashion, and trends, shoes and make up, it’s a hard decision, but I’m now on to the idea to own just one of a color, or type, so I have a vast variety to choose from, but no excess so that I never use it.

I suggest all my readers to actually read on minimalism too, you might find it interesting. Thanks.


  1. Hey! Nice one.. Seems that you're so much in CHANGES these days. That's actually good. Maybe when you'll change or leave some things that you were used to, you'll find some more things that you overlooked somehow someday. All the best..:)
    And yeah, that was interesting. <3

  2. Adi: hmm. Changes are for the good. hmm, thanks.


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