Friday, February 25, 2011

Weekend Reads


Image from weheartit

It’s the weekend again, eh. Yesterday, I got a free coffee out of giving people some marketing ideas. I should start a consultancy business. Today I skipped netball practice to get some beauty sleep. This is the life, man!

Meanwhile, go read lilac, lavendergirl, ne3, blacky and aali’s blog. Awesome posts this week. Be sure to check my fashion post as well.

On other news, I’m drooling over Karla’s fancy pants and Kendi’s boots.

Have a great weekend.


  1. Thank u :) well this is the best and most frequently updated blog i have seen so far. keep posting the beautiful posts of ur blog :)

  2. ohh .. thankew for mentioning me there =D
    hope u had a great weekend

  3. Lilac: You're welcome. Thanksyou for the compliments. =D

    Ne3, Yeah I did. =D Wc


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