Monday, February 14, 2011

V Day

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Personally, I think V day is overrated. Maybe because I never really had a reason to celebrate it or maybe it’s just too over the top.
The window displays are all red, Le Cute’ is having a rose sale or something like that, and people are all over the place carrying roses. Me? I never really got why people liked roses better than any other flower. Specially girls. I am a girl too, I in fact like most things girls like, such as shoes, bags, boys, books, etc but I never liked roses. They were just another flower for me. I like sunflowers better. They brighten me up. They are like sunshine in the form of a flower. haha
No matter what I think, people all over the world will celebrate this day, and hopefully it would be one more happy day for them. I’m spending today reading classics, watching mystery series and attending classes.
What are you doing today?


  1. Well, my "Valentine" isn't a fan of Valentines Day so today's just another day for me. But I do love roses, as cliche'd as they are! Haha!

  2. Ahem ahem.. same condition like you!!
    I spent the day watching movies, attending classes n college. It was just another Monday for me! Hehe.. :) But I enjoyed today being single! :)

  3. ...girls lyk bracelets tooo :P

  4. Haiko, awwh. hehe. That's actually ok. That's how cliche's come, eh.

    Adi, haha. same here.

    Anony, yeah yeah varah bodah. =D


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