Saturday, February 12, 2011

I’m Back!

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Hey guys, miss me? I hope you did.
So, the last time I told you about some things that were bothering me, and that I needed a break right? Last week, I was internet free. It was so refreshing to not be sucked into checking Facebook every hour or tweeting every time I ate something. I love twitter, but taking some time to live as much as technology free, gave me some time to spend reading, doing chores that I otherwise didn’t do. I also realized many many things about myself that I have kinda denied all these years. It was a week of self discovery. Some bad, some good.
I was glad I could actually stay away from internet, specially twitter. All it took was will power. Also, I’m on a coke-free spree. Well, my teeth has turned out to be pretty nasty, and since I hate dentists and all, I’m taking extra care of it by eating lesser sweets and candy than I used to, and also by cutting down on the soft drinks, and caffeine. It’s hard, but I’m liking this new lifestyle change.
This weekend, I took part in a volunteer training program by Journey, an NGO which works to make youth aware of drugs and HIV. Today, we went to villigili for an outreach, and it has been a fun and interesting experience. I may join Journey as a volunteer. Do you guys now any other good NGO’s that are not politically backed by any party? I want to join an unbiased NGO which actually care, and not say they just care.
Anyhow, I’m back but I won’t be blogging that frequently, just twice or thrice a week. I hope you guys would stay around.
Also I’m so excited for my birthday which is next Friday. =D Sad that I’m turning 19, but happy for the celebrations and fun!
How was your weekend?


  1. Hey!!!
    Glad to see you here again! I missed you a lot..<3

    And yes, all the best for your decisions.. I'm sure it works.
    Take care.. :)

  2. Adi: Yeah me too missed you. I'm so busy these days, which explains the no msn situation.
    Thanks dear.


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