Monday, August 8, 2011

A Bollywood Tale

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Ever since I was young, I loved bollywood movies. So did every other Maldivian girl. Well, the ones I knew did. But my love for it is far beyond a cheesy teenage romance. Back in the day, I used to believe that people would randomly start singing and dancing to songs, that families always hated each other, and that my mom and dad would find someone for me to marry. None of those sings happened. All my childhood dreams are crushed.
I have a special love towards arranged marriages. Almost every girl I know hates them and thinks it’s too traditional, but I love them. Of course I am too lazy to find someone to marry and I would gladly leave the dirty work to the parents. >.< I even told mom one day and she was so surprised, as if I told her I was a ghost or that I failed an exam. She laughed and told me that she’s not going to find me someone to marry and that it’s my job. That must teach me something.
I love how in bollywood, there are fewer happy endings. Most endings are sad and emotional and makes me cry rivers! Hindi is a weird but kind of a romantic language, I think. But when it comes to romantics, Italians rule! I heard that from Russell Peters so it must be true. The sequins, costumes, the twisted storylines, the item songs and the sidekicks are just few things that I love about bollywood. At one point I was almost positive that I was an Indian and that my crib was changed to another’s. That must have been the result of watching too much bollywood movies and I wasn't even born in the hospital for cribs to get exchanged!
Seriously, how does Indians come up with such weird and dramatic things. All my friends have extremely dramatic lives and mine’s so dull the only drama I get is a random case of mismatched shoe syndrome. Why is it that my Bollywood hating friends get to enjoy the exciting and drama-filled life while I have a simple normal life. Kuch Kuch never happens here, and there’s no Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayega.
I should randomly burst into a song, and go cry in a field full of tulips. Or maybe I could run away with a random stanger to an uninhabited island. I’m too lazy to do them, so I’ll just go back to my boring old drama-less life.


  1. Indian movies are mostly dramatic only.. But still, there are some realistic movies.. based on real incidents. I love realistic ones. You should watch Rang De Basanti, No One Killed Jessica, Dil Chahta Hai.. Awesome movies.. they are my all time favourite ones! :)

  2. yeah. I did watch Dil chahta Hai. It was emotional. Watched part of No One Killed Jessica. Yeah i agree, they have some really good realistic ones as well.


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