Monday, August 22, 2011

The Gang

I’ve had various types of classmates ranging from the Jock to Nerd to downright mean. When you’re at school, don’t you feel like you belong with them, and they are gonna be your friends forever. But ah, they get other classmates and fall apart. But then again, you get new classmates too, unless you get a job in which case, GOOD LUCK. Cos you’re gonna need it.

I had a nice bunch of 14 classmates and last year I felt like we were gonna take over the world together. This year, not so much! Well, one reason is that 15 more students joined and then there were 30. This year, 10 more joined to make a ginormous 40 student class, a few of whose name I don’t even know. It’s such a weird thing you know, going into your own class and feeling like an outsider. *sigh*

Writing about all of them in one post would be lengthy and boring, so I’m gonna introduce my gang to you first, the 6 people in class who usually hangs out together a lot.


This is my VERY bad attempt at trying to draw them in paint. Yes, I still use paint. Photoshop what?

You all know N, one of my best-est friends in class, who is really fair and likes to wear formal shirts to class much to my dismay. (I believe that formal shirts should only we worn to office/presentations). A is my other best-est friend with whom I walk to and from FMC all the time. She is a bit quiet and loyal, a quality I adore in people. Girl M is one of the best people in class cos she reads HP and she can sew. She also loves Jhonny Depp and gets lots of my references. F is the smart guy who wears amazing shoes and watches Lie to Me. V is playboy whose sole purpose in life is to set people up. Guy M is the married guy who always buys us interval (yes, we still have interval as we are 9 year old kids at heart. You would see us all gulping our juice boxes and eating nutro biscuits on non fasting months).  That is my gang, or so was known an my gang. We hangout together a lot and I love them.

And who am I? I would stereotype me as the crazy weird one, or maybe the talkative one. Well, that’s all folks!

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