Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Why Study?

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The age old question. Why do we study? Is it because we have nothing better to do? Is it because other people expect us to? Is it because we want to?
I guess, it’s a bit of all. I mean, without studying, leaning we would be nothing than the state caveman were in. Now that I think about it cavemen are pretty cool. Or at least the Flinstones are. We also study because people expect us to, and there are several other reasons too. Oh why am I always over analyzing every little thing.
Actually, I was gonna write about the reasons to study higher education, after your normal schooling levels. For me, it was always about getting good grades because that way I feel like I know where I stand and my capabilities. Also, I always tell myself that If I get anything less than a DN, my parents would disown me. I donno how this rumor originated, but so far, it’s working pretty well. My parents have probably no idea I think they would disown me, and the less they know the better. –__- Remember, how I told you there’s no drama in my life that I make up stuff?
But then when I see people like F I feel like that’s why I should study. Not for the grades, not for the pleasure of knowing that I did well, and probably better than most people. F studies to learn. I know, it sounds like that’s why I study too. Sometimes I do, but only the things I find interesting. He gets good marks as well, because well you know how when you learn stuff, then you remember it, and write it in exam and blah blah. I mean you should be familiar with the way exams are by now. Or so I hope.
What surprises me most is the fact that while in class, and doing questions, and generally, most of my classmates are way smarter than me, and we usually get similar marks in assignments too. In fact, some of them score even higher than me (not that I’m the benchmark. OK. Whatever.), but when it comes to exams, why can’t they score the same. It’s a mystery alright and despite how many times I tell myself I am, I am NOT Nancy Drew. What is it about exams that makes them fret so much. Exams have been pretty much not so frightening to me, but still even I feel nervous at the last minute, and when I am at the exam hall. Despite how many exams you take, that nervousness seems to always exist. I guess, I would never find out the answer to the Why’s.
PS Apparently classes haven’t been cancelled. I’ve been informed otherwise. >.< No more befriending Psychic’s.
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