Thursday, August 4, 2011

Who are you wearing?

Designer clothes. If I had any, I would wear them only on very special occasions and keep them forever. I would also sleep with them. Oops. I probably shouldn’t have said that. But it’s true. I sleep with all my possessions neatly scattered on my bed. I have CDO. That’s OCD, but the letters in the alphabetic order, like they should be.
But I wasn’t gonna talk about designer products,  (oh but it’s such a lovely topic to talk ain’t it? Specially over tea and scones. But I never seem to have tea and scones. I gotta get some tea drinking friends. Any volunteers? I would pay for the tea, but scones on you!) but how my style has evolved the past few years. I still wear ridiculous outfits (my mother said so, it must be true) and flamboyant stuff (as quoted by SMS) but I have always found the sophisticated style rather mesmerizing. I am not sure how it would suit me, but I plan to gradually change my style to more classic and sophisticated style, with bits of preppy clothes. Don’t worry, I am not planning to attend a private ivy league and play tennis. I don’t even know how to play tennis!
There’s just something very mature about the blazers, loafers and lots of pearls. It’s very ladylike and frolicsome. Did I ever tell you that one reason that I chose a business  field was so that I could wear stilettos to work, carry a suitcase, have people bring me coffee and croissants every morning, and say things like “I’ll make my people call your people”.YES, that was considered and probably one huge reason I chose commerce stream over science. But very few people believe that. >.<


  1. Count me in for tea! I am a tea maniac ;) Haha, "I'll make my people call your people". You're funny!


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