Saturday, August 13, 2011

A to Z: The Sequel

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A is for Angry birds. I love angry birds merchandise. They are adorable without being too cheesy!
B is for Burrito. Sorrito. Russell Peters is amazing.
C is for Curve. The stupid curve. I hate it, but I think I’m getting over it now. It’s not just the curve, it’s the people who make the curve come true!
D is for Doing the 101 in 1001 challenge. I’m enjoying it. 
E is for Excellence.
F is for  FISH. My classmates would know what this means.
G is for Gigs. I think he’s the reader I know that have stuck with this blog for the longest time and he’s the best!
H is for High heels! People just can’t believe that I own nothing but heels and that I find walking in heels easier! I bet they also can’t believe that the earth is not flat anymore!!!
I is for If I Die Young. I love this song so much.
J is for Jar Of Hearts. I love this song as well.
K is for Kithnaa Beygaraar hey. LOL.
L is for Lemongrass. My cousins and I went there the other day for roadha villun and had so much fun.
M is for Mickie and Muntha. Together we are MMS, and we can’t be beaten.
N is for Nonns. She deserves a spot in this because she’s amazing. Mostly because she writes me letters.
O is for OMG. I think I say this way often than I should. Need to find a new catch phrase. –__-
P is for Pizza. This Ramadan, till now I've made five pizza’s. The guy I’m gonna marry is gonna have to eat pizza and chocolate cake for the rest of his life!
Q is for QR codes. I should make one for my blog, and put it in my address card. I love the concept!
R is for Rings and room tours. I have the smallest collection of rings, and the largest collection of YouTube room tours, it’s embarrassing.
S is for Stationary shopping. I’m obsessed with stationary. Specially simple, little notebooks and funky pens. 
T is for Treasure hunts in the library. It’s my turn and I have everything done, except when the library is open, I have classes. >.<
U is for UNO. I love playing it with my friends. We have so many different versions of rules. LOL
V is for Vocabulary. Mine seems to consist of amazing, love, Ron and Shut up. u_u
W is for White Collar, one of my favorite series now. Neal Caffrey is just amazing but I love Peter the most!
X is for X. I kind of like this letter, but hate most things associated with it.
Y is for Y U NO guy. He makes me want to go back to tumblr again. I love tumblr has it’s own thing going on, which is amazing.
Z is for Zombies.


  1. Read your posts after a long time as I was away! Missed this site a lot!!

    And yeah, it was great to know what each alphabet means to you :D

  2. hehe. yeah, i was wondering where you were.


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