Wednesday, August 3, 2011

If I Die Young

I was up awake till dawn the past two nights, one night browsing through the fashion week pictures and the other making a presentation and writing a report that I thought was due the next day but it wasn’t. I’m glad it wasn’t cos it would have been a very bad quality work if I turned it in the next day. I like being awake at night. I also like waking up early in the morning. Since we’re on the topic, I also like sleeping. >.< Opportunity cost, why? This is why I shouldn't have studied Economics cos now whenever something happens, I over analyze it.
Last night in class, we gave a presentation about obesity being a global issue and it went great. I’m actually very impressed with our work. I am reading this new book from the dummies collection about how to give successful presentations and it helped a lot. =)
Lately, I’ve been thinking too much. I need some spontaneity in life right now and I gotta stop thinking about everything too much. Ramadan is going great. I love helping around making food as much as I can (which is pretty much only once every week probably, thanks to my classes!) and reading books.
I also love playing treasure hunt with Mh, and he studies such interesting things it makes me feel like we study the same old boring things. But I love consumer behavior and marketing and most subjects I study too, but the ones he study sounds so so much more interesting than the ones I do, sometimes I feel like I should do an English degree after I finish this. =P
Tomorrow I have six hours of continuous classes. *sigh* Ramadan timetable is so much worse than the regular one.
PS, I’m currently loving this song “If I die young” by The Band Perry. It’s very mellow and nice, and a bit true at times.


  1. I loved that song too.
    And don't analyze EVERYTHING too much.. sometimes its good not knowing everything completely! :)

  2. yay. we love so many similar things it's freaky.
    yeah, i am trying doing that.


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