Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Birthday Celebrations and MORE Cancelled Classes

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That is the sum up of my life now. Honestly, classes get cancelled every day, and the funny thing is I only get to know it when I go to FMC ( and by that I mean, WALK ALL THE WAY!). I should befriend some new people who have the power to umm, let me know if classes are gonna cancelled. Finding a psychic could be hard work though, yet alone befriend one!
Last weekend I was at Himmafushi with family to visit and aunt who makes great lasagna, and so she’s been promoted from least favorite aunt to she-could-be-a-favorite aunt. Yes, I rank people solely based on their cooking skills. Sunday, we invited the said aunt to roadhavillun, and made a “fuppi jangiyaa” for V cos it was his birthday and he really likes underpants. Yesterday, Mom and I made loads of food for roadhavillun cos we invited out neighbors to roadhavillun and had one giant bash outside. It was filled with laughter, mashuni modun from little A and lots of good food.
At night, V was invited to a surprise birthday bas where he was presented with the said underpants and he was shocked. The expression on his face was worth it. I also invited a bunch of people from FMC and few other friends and we played UNO like it was nobody's business. It all ended around 1 AM. That’s my idea of a great Monday.
Today, two more classes got cancelled, but luckily I knew of it before I got out of the house (Thanks to F, who I now think is a psychic. MUST FIND OUT SOON!).
Tell me if you’re life is more than just cancelled classes –__-
PS, Note to Adi, and other non-Dhivehi speaking readers; Roadhavillun means breaking fast, since it’s the fasting month. Fuppi Jangiyaa is a kind of old puffy underpants, and mashuni is a salad which consists of fish, lettuce leaves and condiments. ^^

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