Sunday, September 16, 2012

Proud Sister Moment

You know how when you go to see some kid's (probably your cousin or girlfriend's friends's little sister) concert and you find yourself looking at that one kid who is crying, or that one kid who is stuck like a robot. But somehow you always end up looking at that one kid in the middle who actually dances really well and you're surprised how someone that age dances that well while her classmates are either stuck, or doing random robot sequences. 
You don't? Oh well. I do. I have been dragged to, (and sometimes on my own will) to several concerts and I tend to notice the kids that dance well (ofcourse all kids dance well, but you know what I mean) and you always hope that your cousin/niece/girlfriend's friends's little sister turns out to be that one, but it hardly happens. Unless IT ACTUALLY HAPPENS. That is exactly what happened to me.
Most of you already know that I have a three year old sister named Mickie (pronounced like Micky as in Micky Mouse) who is an absolute darling. She had her first pre-school concert last weekend and on Friday, I went with the twins, Em, China, Saa and Shaf to watch her dance. I actually thought she was going to get stuck because normally she won't do things when people are there, but boy was I surprised. Just when the song started, she started dancing like there was no tomorrow. She WAS that girl in the middle who dances really well. She changed her moves according to music, and not according to the teachers on either sides, which sort of made it look like she was ahead of the people because she infact was. haha.I couldn't get enough of it, so I went yesterday as well, with Nonns and videod her dance (I also learned that I don't know how t use an iPad :( OH MY GOD!) and all throughout the weekend I have had this really happy feeling where you are just happy because you are so proud. I think I now know how my parents feel when I get good grades, and when I am being the perfect daughter :P
Honestly, I have never been prouder of her. I have high hopes for this girl.


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