Thursday, September 20, 2012

They said this day wouldn't come

I sent that exact thing to my friend the other day, and he replied "upon receiving your text, I was very confused". That, people is what happens when you text random stuff to teaching students. haha. 
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Anyhow, I has a very lazy uneventful week. It started very productively and then on Tuesday, I decided not to go to work, cos I was too lazy and not feeling good and since then I've been having mild headaches. It doesn't help that life is getting a bit depressing, but I keep telling myself that things will get better and fill my mind with inspirational quotes and positivism and it has worked. 
Because my laptop is currently not working, I might not be able to update more often, but I'll keep trying. 
A little fish once told me to "just keep swimming". I am swimming through life. It feels good.

PS, to you: I am fine. Seriously. :D

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