Friday, September 7, 2012

Weekend Reads

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It has been a good week for me. Quite productive, and unproductive as well. While I'm watching Are You There Chelsea and making rounds in Male' taking random photos for my project, you can do some things like;
Also look at some pretty pictures over at Pinterest.
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I need this. Seriously. People just don't understand that when someone is reading they don't want to be bothered. Especially not if all you've got to say is something bad about someone. 
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Now THIS is epic. Especially when stuck to a school/college/shop window/door. :)
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I shall remember this everyday. So shall you. :D
Yes, most pictures this week are Potter related. If you haven't figured out that I'm a Potterhead by now, then you should go Avada Kedavra yourself. :P Have an awesome weekend everyone. Don't do anything I won't do. :P


  1. how can you make your self read something that you do not want to read, but have to read anyway?

    1. you should try to end up in a place where u do not have anything else to do, and anything else with you, and with enough sleep, so that you do not fall asleep, and then try to read.

      another trick is to try and meet up with one more, to read it, and read it together, or meet up with some one who is also studying, so that you can get in mood to read. sometimes that works.

    2. I like the answer Anonymous 2 gave, which is very true. I also like to drink tea when I read which makes me feel refreshed and helps me concentrate. Another idea is to beak it into manageable chunks, and give yourself a time to read maybe one page and make notes while you do, and then take a little break and start again. I personally make flashcards of my lessons and other boring things so that I don't have to read the whole thing many times. Hope this helps. :)


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