Monday, September 3, 2012

Monday Playlist

It's Monday again and whoa this week is going fast. I haven't really listened to too much music. LOL who am I kidding! I spent the entire Saturday watching music videos of the songs in Billboard 100. This week, I am listening to;

Payphone by Maroon 5
I LOVE this song. The video is a bit weird, but the song is just awesome. I also love payphones, phone booths and phones in general so I am very biased. :P My favorite part is the part where the fairy tales become shit. Because sometimes in reality you do feel that way. However, I will never doubt Cinderella's shoes, or Beast's library. This song is also my go to song for when I get random annoying songs stuck in my head. I'd rather have this stuck in my head all day long than any other. *cough*babybybieber*cough*

Rhythm of Love by Plain White Tees
This was the first song I ever heard of PWT's and loved it, since then the band has become my favorite. This song makes me feel all happy and warm and fuzzy inside so whenever I need to feel like that I listen to this and it has never failed me.

Love Song by Sara Bareilles
Ever since I heard her King of Anything, I have been listening to more of her songs and this one clicked as a personal favorite. There are just some people in my life that I won't write a love song to, not that I'm any good at it either. 

Cooler than me by Mike Posner
I don't even know how I came across this, but I am glad I did. I sometimes feel like the girl in the song, with me never remembering most people's names. But I do say Hey when I see people. In fact, I saw it too often some people (not naming names) even call me like ShaHEYYYY! Not cool! I'm OK with ShaHAHAHAHAHA though. 

Price Tag by Jessie J ft. B.o.B
This song has become my personal anthem now, sort of. I agree to every single thing in it, it's not even funny.  Yes what happened to those days when music made us all unite? I also love the music video even with the creepy teddy bear and the money tree. We are paying with love tonight, cos it's not about the money. Unless it is. ;)

Badi Mushkil Hai by Abhijeet
Another of those pretty old Hindi songs that just makes me feel really happy for no reason. I will never get tired of love in Hindi movies and songs. 

Jhumka Gira by Asha Bhostle
I don't even know what this son g is about. Self note: Find out what the lyrics mean. I love it, I do. It seems to me like the kind of old item song, but one with a very deep meaning and lots of emotion. I may be wrong though. It could just be about a bazaar. 

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