Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Runaway as fast as you can

Sometime I don't feel like blogging. Sometimes I do. For me, this blog is a personal adventure, somewhere I write things that are not too embarrasing (those are better left for my journals) so that I can check back on it time to time and see how much I've grown. Every now and then, I take time to read some old posts and get to re live that life which is pretty exciting in my books.
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This week has been not too shabby. Mostly, I had classes and walked a lot to and from FMC. I like walking. In fact, I'd choose it over petrol burning devices that run any day  unless the distance is too long or its raining and I don't want to get wet or if my feet hurts (which happens a LOT since I'm always wearing different shoes). It's the too much staring that I have a hard time with and most Maldivians seem to be infected with that disease. I try not to look at people when I walk which has its own advantages and disadvantages (people seem to think I ignore them on the road and I've often been accused of being "foni") but every now and then I will get insecure when I walk no matter how much positive energy I carry around. I could be looking like the most basic bitch and blending in like a chameleon, but people will stare like it's some sort of a contest or like I'm some weird monster from a video game that they're trying to kill with laser vision. Honestly. If you're from Maldives you know what I'm talking about. I mean it's OK, and probably very normal to look at people, even a bit longer if they have something cute on, or have nice booty but staring is just awful. 
Classes have been so much fun because I actually pay attention and because I study very cool subjects it becomes so much more interesting  The girls and I have been going shopping and taking pictures at the most random-est places. I mean, we were at a shop checking out some fabric and then suddenly  it was click click click. I also saw a random men's tee with a pic of Justin Bieber *OH THE HORROR* on it so I took it and hid it in the shop under a gigantic pile of random stuff that looked like garbage. Yes humanity, you're welcome.
Rings and Things
Image from Rings and Things Facebook
My friend Shums has this awesome business called Rings & Things (she is super woman I think cos she is so creative and does so many things) and she makes the cutest rings like these. I bought some from her called Now Panic and Freak Out, and Keep Calm and Have Tea. It was so hard to choose cos all of them are so FREAKING CUTE! 
It is definitely time to freak out because my thesis is due next month and it's a mess. My Literature review is incomplete, the theories are not grounded, I still need to find 300 more photos for the plan, most of the website analysis hardly makes sense, the model equation has too many variables and is too complex that it makes no sense and on top of that I don't know all of the things that I need to include in the report. But it's gonna be fine cos I read a really good book yesterday and now I'm all about being calm and going over the mistakes.


  1. I sometimes think the same. my blog is like a time machine which I can look up to when I wanna 'go to the past' and see what did I look like in the past time :D

    1. I like calling it a time machine. Your blog is so adorable. :)


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