Sunday, September 2, 2012

Health Network Meeting

Today, along with eight other volunteers, I was representing Democracy House at the health network meeting conducted by CCHDC which works under Ministry of Health. It was a very informative session where different organization came forward and shared what they were doing in relation to adolescent health, which is a very important health aspect for Maldives as well.
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Some things we learned today were shocking, mostly about people's perceptions on sex education and drugs as well as HIV and malnutrition. There are people doing things about these but I think we are unaware.
For instance there is a unit in IGMH that has an adolescent center where adolescents can get free medical check-ups and other services. That is just one.
I was rather ashamed at myself for not knowing enough about health issues that concern my age group, me included. It was a wake up call to reality. I really do need to try at being healthy. After all this is youth and sometimes we take health for granted.
The good thing was I learned a lot, and met some great people who are so passionate about health (sometimes I'm baffled by how someone finds health so interesting, but yeah different people have different interests). The bad thing was I had to skip on work today as well. By the time I get back to work tomorrow, I won't be surprised if no one remembers me. Also at every meeting there is always that one person who tries to blame someone for something, or assume he/she is the chair/marker/judge. We Maldivians have this sad mentality. 
PS I have an exam tomorrow morning. Wish me luck. :D


  1. love vitamin is there twice O_O

    1. yes. I didn't notice until you mentioned it. heh. Maybe we just need a lot of love. :D

    2. you think so? i have mixed thoughts about love. why dont you write about love?

    3. I'm not exactly the best person to do that but I'll give it a try. :D


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